Rob’s Birthday Cake

I previously hinted that I had a top secret project planned for Rob’s birthday cake. Maybe I was a little over ambitious in my plans but I decided to make him some cookie monster cupcakes. This is why I will never have a future in cake decorating! I had seen pictures of other peoples success’s…

More Cupcake Decorating

I found this video on YouTube, or rather YouTube recommended it to me! Its a good one so I thought I would share it with my blog readers (You will like this one Mum!) I want to have a go at the ruffled one, after all it looks really easy, right?

Cupcake Decorating Part 2

Well following last weeks *ahem* interesting leopard print cupcake, this weeks lesson focused on the more traditional buttercream piped decorated cupcake. We were shown how to make a buttercream with a recipe using no butter (so that it will not melt and lose shape etc in the warmer months) and made some pretty sugar paste…