3 Simple Budget Smoothies

I love owning a semi decent blender as I love smoothies. When I left my full time job at the beginning of 2012, I excitedly announced that I would now have more time to make delicious smoothies for our lunches, and guess what? A year later I have not made that many smoothies! Oh dear, I think its because I do not want the extra washing up. But I have a dishwasher now (which I only use about once a fortnight, as I am a weirdo – damn my eco conscience/fear of a huge electricity bill!) So no more excuses – lets bust out that blender!

I see lots of inspiring recipes online for delicious sounding smoothies, but I am put off from making them as they often have obscure random ingredients in them, and things that my blender cannot handle very well like kiwi fruits and oats. I like my oats and kiwi’s, dont get me wrong. But I do not like too much texture or seedy bits in my smoothie. I like a smooth smoothie if you will!

Another reason why we do not slurp down many smoothies in our household is that fruit, in particular fresh berries, is a tad on the pricey side. So I have decided to post a few of my favourite recipes, plus a few handy tips in a post on smoothies for all my skint peeps out there. Shout out!


  • Freeze your bananas that are on the turn.
  • Then use said frozen bananas in all your smoothies, they make them taste like ice cream yum!
  • I peel my bananas and either break them into small lumps or slice them up into a Tupperware box. This works the best for me, I have found that freezing bananas in their skins turns them into brown mush. And how do you peel them? I learnt this the hard way, as no one seems to tell you (or just me) this kind of practical information.
  • Sliced frozen bananas only seem to last around 3 months in the freezer before they will turn.
  • Reserve a Tupperware box for exclusively freezing bananas in. I once used my (washed up) Tupperware box to store some homemade hummus after it had been previously used for freezing our yellow friends. Lets just say that banana flavoured hummus was interesting, but not something I want to try again.
  • Frozen fruit and canned fruit are your friend. Save the fresh fruit for your fruit salad. No one can tell what you used once it has been liquidised.
  • My basic go to smoothie is any frozen berries (look out for multi buy deals or buy from Aldi or Lidl), a small carton of yogurt, fresh or frozen bananas, a splash of milk to thin it and a bit of honey to sweeten to taste.


Gather you ingredients

  •  2 frozen bananas
  • Milk (I think I used around a pint)
  • Peanut butter (I used around 2-3 tablespoons).

and then follow my very loose instructions below.ingrediants

  • Put ingredients into blender.
  • Blend.
  • Add more milk or peanut butter to your taste if needed.
  • Blend again then serve.
  • Serves 2.


This one is the easiest and laziest smoothie you can ever make. It tastes very similar to a product that wear knitted hats from time to time. It is just fresher and cheaper. By fresher I mean ignore the ingredient list on the can of strawberries (69p! in Morrisons!), in that it contains some red colouring ingredient that can cause hyperactivity in small children and is made in China. Yeah this a smoothie that’s not for the faint hearted. Or small children. Or anyone worried about food miles etc.*

I am sure the smoothies you buy in shops must contain preservatives – if they didn’t they would turn to brown mush, surely? Maybe I have cracked their secret recipe. Now I just need to crack the Colonels one. Oh wait Bender already did.**2 ingredientsJust two ingredients. 2 frozen bananas and a tin of strawberries in juice. Plop into your blender (thats all of the tin – fruit and juice), blend and serve. Serves 2.juiceet voila


This is the most expensive of my three recipes. It cost me 59p for my mango’s (Lidl), 68p for the pineapple and 10p approx for the banana. But it works out cheaper than buying a fresh mango £1, pineapple £1, a carton of pineapple juice £1 (my estimated prices, please shop around for better deals!) and is easier and quicker to make, with no chopping involved. take 3So there are you three ingredients pictured above. All you have to do is pour the tin of pineapple and its juice in your blender, break up your banana and add to blender. I will say that I don’t think you will miss the banana if you forget to add it. Then drain your tin of mango’s in a sieve and rinse off all that nasty syrup from them, then add to blender and blend. Simple! Serves 2-4.tropicana


*I do care about food miles honest. Please don’t hate me for buying a can of strawberries produced in China!
** Please see the 3rd quote down under Bender. Its the best link I could find!

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