An Oops Moment

Before I start, this post is not about me pissing myself (although I am sure at some point in the future, if I keep on blogging long term, there will be one!) Nope, this is a quick post about our visit to the Isle of Wight for my Dad’s 60th birthday.

We arrived last week and had three nice days with the parents and the fam, then on Sunday my parents left us to go to Liverpool to visit my Uncle and his family, and to tend to my Grandparents graves. They had kindly offered for Rob, Dylan and I to stay on at their place for a mini break on the island, and we gladly took them up on their offer.

Then today I had to phone them up to apologise for setting their house on fire!


Yeah, thats something I never thought that I would have to do! Maybe when I was a teenager after a wild house party or something, but not at my grand old age!

But it was only fair that I called to warn them of the horrible burnt smell that they would be returning to!

All I can say is fancy leaving the kitchen roll next to the gas stove!

It was only a small fire thankfully, and no damage was done to their worktop or tiles. And we managed to put it out pretty quick. Phew! But blimey that kitchen roll didn’t half flame up quickly!

Anyway here are two non related photos from our stay. Just to be even more random with my blogging here!

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