And Then There Was Carpet!

Apologies for the quality of the photos, when I finally get round to doing official room tours on here, I hope to have learnt how to use my camera (if not I will cheat and get Rob to take the the pictures with his fancy DSLR!) But on Saturday, after two years of bare concrete floors, we got new carpet fitted in the lounge and dining room! This now means that these two rooms are nearly finished, we just have silly little things to do, like frame and hang pictures!

This also means that after nearly three years of living here, we are almost done with decorating! We just have the small spare bed to do, our bedroom, and the hallway and landing.

Then carpet the rest of the house and get new internal doors and maybe a new front door, then landscape the back garden (a huge job) and maybe the front driveway, then move house!…….I joke, I joke! Nah, once that’s all done we can enjoy this house and not feel like we are living in a dusty building project! Whoo hoo!

Did you spot Poppy in picture 4? Well that little miss was taken straight to the vets on the very same day, to have her claws clipped.

Please do not think that we are cruel, but as she is lazy and spends roughly 22-23 hours a day sleeping, instead of doing normal cat things like going outside and scratching trees and fences so she has exceptionally sharp claws.

There is no way we are going to let that little monster ruin the new carpets (that’s my job as chief tea spiller!) So hopefully it was £15 well spent!

Unfortunately she is still attempting to claw them the little so and so!

2 thoughts on “And Then There Was Carpet!

  1. Nice! Our boy cat claws the carpet all the time (and the sofa); we’ve given up trimming his claws, though, because he howls so loudly and so mournfully when we do it that we expect the neighbours to report us…

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