Bare Naked Ladies

Our newly decorated bedroom’s walls, carpet, curtains and new furnishings are plain and simple. I really don’t know why we did not choose this furniture range to jazz things up a bit!

The wardrobes and chest of drawers are also quite contemporary. So because the bedroom currently looks fairly modern, I feel that I need to vintage it up* a bit to make it have more personality!

I feel the best way to do this (vintage it up*) is by hanging some art on the walls. I did a post here about some prints I like on Etsy, but having the privilege of no life and spare time (I am only half joking here!) to think about this, I have now decided that in the bedroom I want lots of glamourous ladies hanging on the walls.

I have long admired kitschy mainstream art from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I adore Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl painting. I have a reproduction print hanging pride of place in our dining room and it is always a talking point! Most visitors to our house think that I have very odd taste, and cannot understand why I would want this on my wall. Some people, naming no names *cough* Mum *cough*, absolutely hate this picture and tell me it is ugly nearly every time they visit!

click on image to view source
click on image to view source

But I am not easily offended and I do appreciate that its not to everyone’s taste! I love art, design and illustration. I am a former art student, and I did actually study art history A Level for a while (before I dropped the subject, but lets not talk about that!) The art world is great, but very serious. It hates this kind of mass produced art. You will never see a Tretchikoff, Lynch or Shabner original at the Tate. Which is a shame, because I would venture out of Kent up to London town’s galleries loads more if they did!

All three artists had very little recognition and credit during their lifetimes. Tretchikoff was ridiculed by art critics, very little is known about J H Lynch and Louis Shabner does not even have a Wikipedia page!

She's a beauty eh? Image from
She’s a beauty eh? Image from

But lets get back on track here, I am currently the winning bidder on a original Tina by J H Lynch↑ on eBay, which I am really hoping I win, as its collection only in Maidstone. How serendipitous is that eh? Its not often items I like are local!

I am not the only person out there who likes this kind of art, it has a cult following and prices for originals have increased slowly over the years and they are highly sought after. As I am a bit of a cheap skate and famously unlucky on eBay, I will probably buy some cheapish reproduction prints. But I will always keep one eye open for an original, you never know I might find one for a pound at a boot fair! Then again, I might walk on the moon!

Many moons ago I bought an issue of Living Etc magazine that featured a tour of Jamie Theakston’s house. I think it was published around five years ago now, and I have long since recycled this mag, but his house tour stuck in my head.

I never thought much of Jamie Theakston before, but after seeing his stylish family home I have a new found respect for him. In particular I loved his wall of art (see image below↓), it made me have one of those eureka moment thinking “so that’s why everything on eBay goes for so much – all the rich and famous people bloody buy it!”

click on picture for link
click on picture for link

Please do have a butchers at this fantastic Pinterest board put together by Jenny Keily. Which, if any, are your favourites? And would you want any of these on your walls?Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.38.41 PM
I think my faves are Tina, Woodland Goddess, Nymph, Nicola, Melanie and Miss Wong. Am I right in saying that these paintings also have the best names ever BTW!

*™ Kirstie Allsopp

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