BEDM 21 Dream Job

Day 21 – If you could do anything in the world to make a living what would it be?

Well, despite being in my thirties, I still do not know what I want to do when I grow up.

I occasionally play around with the idea of working with animals. But then the practical side of my brain will talk me out of it….
“You cant drive and live miles away from the nearest zoo, so all your wages will go on public transport”
“You will be in tears every time an animal gets put to sleep”
“You have a weak stomach and could not handle all that elephant shit, puss, vomit and squeezed dogs glands etc”.

The boring, sensible side of my brain knows best I suppose.

I do know what my dream job would be though, and it does involve animals. I figured it out a few years ago, when I was chatting to one of my friends who I used to work with. We were both moaning about how rubbish our jobs were as you do, and decided that day what we wanted to do instead.

My dream job’s title would be chief cat cuddler.

The plan is for my former colleague T to win the lottery, she would then set up her own animal rescue centre and employ me for this role.

As you can see we have everything worked out.

Keep dreaming Helen!


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