BEDM 23 Compliments

Day 23Tell us about the best compliment you have ever received.

I cannot think of the best ever compliment I have received. I tend to modestly play down any praise that comes my way. Or naturally think that the people who are dishing the compliments out are bullshitting. Or waaayyyy back in my single to mingle days (when I was younger and slimmer) think that they are only after one thing.

Here is a list of the compliments I have recieved that made me puff out my chest and gave me warm fuzzies –

Rob – “I like your homemade pizza much better than takeaway or frozen”

Friend – “You have a good eye, you should do it for a living.” She was talking about my second hand furniture finds, when she came around our house for the first time, and suggested that I could sell vintage furniture for a living.

Janet – See her blog post here. Very sweet of her!

Boss – “The customers have really warmed to you”. The first bit of praise I had from a manager in over 12 years, at the end of the first week of one of my new jobs. Its really nice to hear you are doing something right after years of critism.

Random stranger – “I like your coat, where did you get it from?” I was wearing a bright pink coat at the time.

Lady in the co-op – “Have you got any ID on you?” I was 29 at the time and I got ID’ed quite regularly until I moved house and went to a different shop for my booze (nothing to do with getting older of course). I love the think 25 policy!

And finally, I have to share this one. I had a random memory flashback, while trying to think of things to write for this post, and its just too funny not to share –

Music teacher – “You have the right lips for blowing.” A supply teacher told me this during a lesson were he had bought in a hosepipe with a funnel on the end of it and a french horn to teach us something or other about blowing horns. I was the only person who could make any noise with the instruments, and yes, I do have quite full lips. Now fancy saying that out loud in a classroom full of 13 year old girls! Me and my friends giggled about what he said all through secondary school!

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