BEDM 24 What’s in your fridge?

Day 24 – Describe and/or photograph what is in your fridge right now. Be honest!

Here is a couple of pictures of the inside of our fridge and I will talk you through whats in there.Fridge

BTW I have just realised I have spelt condiments wrong. Whoopsie! Picmonkey really needs spell check for Muppet’s like me!

I have far too many sauces and condiments as you can see. Without fail I always have salad cream, tomato and brown sauce, a pickle, mango chutney, tar tar sauce and mayo. Today on the top shelf we also have some tahini, jam, guacamole left over from a Mexican dinner, some squash and natural bottled lemon juice for cooking and drinking with honey etc, as I tend to let fresh lemons go mouldy in my fruit bowl.

Next shelf down we have last nights leftovers for lunch, kiwi’s, plain yogurt x 2, four fats – a buttery type marg for Rob and Trex, Stork and unsalted butter for my baking. And a jar of frankfurters, another junk food guilty pleasure.

Next we have too many cheeses in the cheese drawer. Cheddar x 2, parmesan, Dairylea, mozzarella, blue cheese and cream cheese.

Then we have Soda stream mixers, apples, pears and avocados. In the veggie drawers are broccoli, carrots, a bag of salad leaves, celery, a squash and half an aubergine. fridge 2
In the door shelves we have random jars of mustard, chipotle paste, a bottle of (artificial) lime juice, three icing colour gels (check the labels on them peeps, mine said they need to be refrigerated after opening), soy sauce, chili sauces, fish sauce, maple syrup x 2, eggs, pomegranate juice, filtered water and milk.

The milk has to be organic, as I read somewhere that the hormones they pump the poor cows with to produce more milk gives men moobs and girls loads of extra hormones. So I am doing us both a favour by buying organic, as I really do not need anymore PMT! I have also become a filtered water snob. When we fixed the kitchen up, we (Rob really) fitted new copper pipes and plumbing, so afterwards our water tasted really metallic and horrible. I bought a filter jug to try to improve our drinking water, and now I can really taste the difference between filtered and unfiltered water. Oh dear what have I become……

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