BEDM 25 Music Love

Day 25What are your top 5 favourite albums and why?

In no particular order here are my top 5 albums –

  1. Leftfield – Leftism This takes me right back to my partying days. Its the perfect album to listen to when you get back from a heavy session, and the perfect album to listen to when you are hungover. I listened to this album a lot.
  2. Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream An album I will never get sick of. Rob and I are both looking forward to watching the Smashing Pumpkins at Glastonbury next month. It will be my first time seeing them! Rob has seen them live at Wembley arena way back in the 90’s, long before I met him.
  3. Nirvarna – Nevermind Tops every classic/best album list a going and rightfully so. A classic that is *gulp* almost 22 years old now and still sounds fresh.
  4. Orbital – Work 1989 – 2002 It feels a bit of a cop out putting a best of in my list, but to be honest some Orbital album tracks can be a wee bit lengthy. When I got my iPod 6-7 years ago (and its still going strong, I love my little pink nano!) I just loaded this album on it for my Orbital fix (‘cos I am lazy, plus I can only fit about 800 tunes on it). I love every track (except the one with David Gray on) and these are great power walking tunes.
  5. Roisin Murphy – Overpowered Remember the mid noughties when everyone was going electropop? This is an album from 2007 that more people should lend their ears to. Its my favourite pop album, and I dont really do pop albums. PicMonkey Collage

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Hang on, scrap that! I have changed my mind! Number five now is –

Jeff Buckley – Grace A beautiful album from a beautiful man who was taken too soon. I will admit I have not listened to this album for a few years, I played it to death at the end of the 90’s/early 00’s. If I was stranded on a desert island I would want this CD/download with me.

Please note – I reserve the right to change my mind again at any time.

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