BEDM 27 Secret Talent

Day 27 – What are you good at that nobody knows about? Tell us all about it.

The answer to this is nothing. I am Ms Average at everything.

Does anyone remember the series Scott Mills had on his show a few years ago called “What’s Becky’s forte?” Well someone needs to do that for me because I don’t have a forte.

To be honest if I had a secret talent, I would not keep it secret. I’m not a show off, but if I had a forte, you can bet your life every time I had one too many I would be demonstrating my party trick!

Things that I wish I could do include –

Drinking a pint with no hands

Wrapping one leg around my neck

Putting my whole fist in my mouth

Amazing impressions. Due to my broad Kentish accent (basically I sound like a chav) my attempts at funny voices sound a strange mix of Irish, scouse and Aussie. All at once.

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