BEDM 30 Who Inspires You?

Day 30 – Who inspire you? Are they close to you? Somebody famous? Or even somebody infamous?

This is another tricky subject for me, as I have drawn a blank. There are plenty of people I admire, but there is no particular person who I completely idolise that I can put a name to.

Its the people I meet in everyday life who inspire me. The average Joe or Josie’s that are not on the cover of Heat magazine. Though work I meet people who have heartbreaking stories about cancer, or care for their children with special needs, or are living on the breadline. My heart goes out to them when they tell me their stories.

Then at the other end of the spectrum (and just for the purpose of this blog subject) after scratching my chin for a long time, I thought of someone in the spotlight who I kind of admire. That’s Kate Middleton or whatever she is called now. Let me tell you right now that I am not a fan of the royal family (I think they are pointless) or putting celebs in general on a pedestal. But I do think she is a better role model for young, impressionable girls than say Katie Price or Kim Kardashion for example. I know K.Middy gets a lot of flack from some people for not being ambitious or having a career etc. But not everyone wants to be a high flying business woman or thinks that work is the most important thing in life. She is happy being a housewife/mum to be and that’s what matters. Its what she wants to do with her life, so leave her be.

I guess the theme here is that I am inspired by anyone who is selfless and puts others needs before their own.

P.S As you can probably tell a big guilty pleasure of mine is reading trashy celeb mags and the Femail website!

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