BEDN 2 Something You Made

Day 2Share something you made – it can be a craft, a recipe, your latest DIY attempt, your babies, a home remedy or even you local community group. Interpret any way you like!

Confession time – I have a blog but I am really, really rubbish at crafting.
This kind of makes me feel like I am breaking the law or something!

I browse blog after blog showing handcrafts from super talented people. I admire their clever cross stitching, amazing hand sewn clothes and beautifully crafted crochet. I then get lifestyle envy. I wish I had the time, skills and spare cash to make something pretty. I wish I was clever at crafts. If only I could make Rob a crocheted hat shaped like a strawberry. Im sure he would love it and want to wear it all the time.

I am useless at making things. And I am a realist. I think its best that I stay an appreciator of other peoples talents rather than attempt my creations! My attempts all fall apart and look like a 5 year old has made them! I do love creativity though, I love art, interiors, street art and anything well designed.

One thing I enjoy is cake decorating. I cannot claim to be amazing at sugar craft, but I have been on a course and I can ice a fairly decent cupcake if the need arises.

Last Wednesday Mum and I attended a Halloween cupcake decorating class at our local baking goodies shop and I made these!halloween cupcakes 1halloween cupcakes 2

It was great fun! It was like being a kid again playing with Playdough for 2 hours! Mum and I were the naughty kids at the back of the class with the giggles who kept dropping things on the floor (you can’t take us anywhere!)

I made a ghost, a squashed witch, a spider and a pumpkin. Will I make them again and use the knowledge I learnt on the course next Halloween? halloween cupcakes 3

Nah, probably not!

My cakes got a little squashed on the way home! All photos by Rob.

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