BEDN 22 – Leaving on a Jetplane

Day 22Tell us your favourite travel story. Or what is on your travel wishlist? Or what do you think about travelling?

Better late than never, here is my belated post about what I did on my holidays when I went to Cyprus last month!

It was our annual family holiday and this year was a big one for two reasons – it was our first holiday abroad together and my sister was getting married out there!

I faced my fear of flying to sit through four hours of mild turbulence, bored children (my nephews) and annoying passengers in the row behind me (my parents). Although it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

After a smooth transfer from the airport we reached our hotel and as soon as we got our all inclusive wristbands fitted, the holiday began!

Our days were filled with visits to the hotel gym, swimming in the beautiful crystal clear turquoise sea and of course making the most of the hotels many bars with our wristbands!

On Thursday 17th October my sister and BIL married. It was a lovely day. I am usually ‘bah humbug’ about weddings in general, but I cried my eyes out at this one! I was so proud of my nephews and family. Everyone who attended was in floods of tears and said that they had never attended such an emotional wedding! We are such a soft bunch my family, we really are!

There was about twenty of us who flew out on holiday and to attend the wedding including my family, BIL’s family and my sister’s friends and their partners. It was a really nice, relaxed, social holiday.

The highlights included –

  • My mum heckling some poor random stranger! She thought she saw my BIL diving into the pool and shouted out “yoo-hoo, Moby Dick” plus a few other good natured insults, only to realise that it wasn’t him and then run away in shame!
  • We had a girls night out/unofficial second hen night at a local dive bar, involving cheeky vimtos, dodgy dance moves and my mother pole dancing!
  • Another night while the boys were watching the football, us girls wandered into town to a Stonehenge themed bar. After we had settled and ordered our drinks, they were bought out with a free shot. The adults had a shot of some random blue booze and the kiddies were given a free little fruity non alcoholic shot. I have some great photos of my nephews downing shots! Oh dear, start ’em young eh!
  • My mum paragliding with her son in law to be. We all stood on the beach laughing waving at them. I guess the unlimited drinks made that event funnier than it sounds in hindsight!
  • The fact that beer, cocktails and food were on tap non stop all day and night long!
  • On the last day Rob convinced me to hire a buggy with him. Now, I don’t do scary adventurous stuff if I can help it. So I had a couple of very strong whiskeys to help loosen me up at ten in the morning before I went out on our bone shaking ride. It didn’t really work, I soon sobered up and screamed and swore at Rob, who was having the time of his life off roading on a dirt track near the edge of a cliff! He didn’t slow down when I asked him BTW! My hat even blew off my head and got run over by a coach behind us on the motorway! I rescued it and the tire marks came out in the wash, if anyones interested! When we got back to our hotel my mum had a quick run around the town with Rob in the buggy before our hour was up and she loved it! She kept asking Rob to go faster! She is such an adrenaline junkie granny!cypruscyprus 2cyprus 3cyprus 4
    our hotel pool
    our hotel pool

    a very dark picture of the wedding venue in the hotel
    a very dark picture of the wedding venue in the hotel

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