BEDN 6 – National Stress Awareness Day

Day 6 – How do you deal with stress? Or maybe you don’t?

Stress is a sneaky little so and so. Often you do not realise that you are suffering from it or rather you will not admit to yourself that you are highly stressed.

I think stress has been around forever, and can effect even the most laid back and tolerant people out there (i.e me). Its the biggest cause or rather enhancer of most ailments and illnesses. One of the most common reasons for stress is feeling stuck in a situation or lifestyle that you can barely cope with, or feeling like you have taken on far too much etc.

Is this a modern phenomena? I don’t think so, as a species we have evolved to store adrenaline in our love handles, which our cavemen cousins found handy when they need to run from stressful situations like an attacking hairy Mammoth. Thankfully most hairy beasts are now extinct and all evolution has left us with is muffin tops hanging over our jeans.*

The best solution to stress (still million of years later) is to get away from whatever is causing the stress as fast as you can, like our Neanderthal relations. I quit my job 2 years ago because of I was suffering from stress. It was rough, but now I am feeling so much better both physically and mentally.

I still get a bit stressed from time to time, and my coping mechanism is to think of something cute or something that makes me laugh. Like fluffy bunnies, kittens or River Dancing monkeys. Just taking 10 seconds to escape in my head from real life puts things into perspective and makes me realise it (the cause of my stress) will soon pass.

This is my latest stress buster – I think about the worlds fluffiest bunny!

Picture from incredible
Picture from incredible

Gah! Its so cute! Look at all that fluff! Everything is instantly better!

*Stress is caused by the ‘fight or flight’ hormone apparently. I did a quick Google to see if what I said is scientifically correct. Answer – sort of!

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