Bedroom Planning Part 1

Sometimes I love having a blog. It lets me talk write in great detail about really boring stuff, that no one wants to hear. I can just pour it all out on here for no one to read! Ah, its good to share!

OK, so in my last post I wrote about how Rob and I have ordered a brand new bed. I am really excited about its impending delivery on the 18th! It does of course mean that I am now officially sad and old, that I am happy about a getting new bed rather than an epic night out on the lash etc. But hey ho, Im cool with that, these thing happen. I accepted and embraced my fuddiness many moons ago!

Unfortunately, with my half arsed efforts of googling, I could not find a link of the new bed to post on here. I will attempt to describe it instead. We ordered a extra firm good quality mattress on a divan bed, with two drawers underneath and a fabric head board. It is a very sensible and grown up choice, with a very mature price tag (ouch!) But its a necessary investment, which we will use every night, and it feels like a long time coming.

Rob and I currently have an Ikea Malm bed frame that we bought 7.5 years ago when we bought our first house together, with a 10+ year old mattress that Rob’s mum bought for him when he moved in a shared house with his mates. The bed frame had a slat missing underneath (it snapped in half when Rob stood on it), the mattress did not fit and it slid about everywhere (I think you need to buy Ikea mattresses to fit it their beds, either that or we bought the wrong size bedframe!) Oh, and the mattress had a couple of springs sticking out of it. Yeah, it was definitely time for us to get a new bed!

Beds are strange things to shop for. We took a trip to our local out of town retail park with several furniture chain stores on it. Before we set out we knew that we wanted to find a bed with storage and that was a little higher than the Malm frame, as it hurt Rob’s knee’s when he sat on it (yep, we are officially ooooollllllddddd!) It seems that with bed design you have the choice of wooden, chocolate brown faux leather, metal frames or fabric padded headboards – none of which we were particularly fond of. Or you could have the really tacky (in my opinion) bed frame with a TV that rises out of the end of it. Which, strangely appealed to Rob, who wanted to play his Xbox in bed, but I put my foot down on that one.

Imagine this as a bed in grey.
No I don’t ask for much!

Now this is the part where get really boring and anal. I wanted a bed which kind of fitted into my mid century modern design fondness, something classic that would not date and would be able to hold its own in several differently decorated bedrooms over the coming years. Browsing around I spotted a headboard which had a sort of simple button pattern on it, and it kind of put me in mind of the type of sofa I would buy, if money was no object, and I did not own a kitty with claws, and was not a tea spiller, and of course actually needed a new sofa.

It turns out you can select what colour fabric you want the bed made in, what mattress preference you need and select either wheels or feet on the bottom. Wowzers, this is official bed buying business! We discussed all this with the store assistant, and as this was the first store we looked around, we had a look in the next furniture store, just to make sure we did not see anything else we preferred. Nope, they were all pugly beds that were not to our taste. After that, we could not be bothered to shop around anymore! So we went back, found the girl who helped us, to make sure she got her commission, then ordered the bed! Whoo hoo! It was love at first sight with this bed. I plan on spending at least 8 hours a day with it!

Blimey, I have wanged on a tad in this post. I think I will put the rest of my thoughts on bedroom planning in another post. Betcha cant wait!


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Planning Part 1

  1. “Imagine this as a bed in grey” – love it. My boyfriend and I got a new mattress in the January sales last year and it’s still probably the single most expensive item in our home… but worth every reluctantly handed over penny.

  2. Yeah, who knew that a bed could be more expensive than carpeting two rooms! I hope its a good investment. x

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