Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Quit Slackin’ and Make S…


Beaver art print 5×7


Home Is Wherever I’m Wit…


Sleeping Under the Stars A4 …


Elvis Presley 11×14 print- m…


Smile (A3 Yellow)


Dream Big Art Print // 8×10


Good Night -Hand Printed Let…


Over the sea… Art print


I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to decorating our bedroom. So while Rob is busy sanding plastered walls and glossing skirting boards, I thought I would make an little Etsy treasury list of what I might like to hang on the walls. After all, I like to do my bit, its a team effort all the way in our household!

Normally I am drawn towards brightly coloured, graphical prints, but for our bedroom I find myself pulled towards more whimsical art with inspirational messages and dare I say it, art with an almost romantic theme.* – I know, such a cliche in the bedroom!

Let me explain some of my choices. I like the message in the top lefthand corner print, its the kind of pep talk I need every morning. The beaver is because I am juvenile enough to find it funny to have a picture of a beaver on the wall (snort!) I love the sentiment of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song, its very sweet. And the stars (2nd row 1st left) and the sea print (3rd row 1st right) are the kind of art I want on the walls to stare into and to induce dreamy dreams.

*Maybe deep down I am a big softie after all. I am the girl who rolls her eyes at other peoples PDA’s and gags at flowers, milk tray, diamond rings, poems and all that other stuff I am supposed to like and want because I am a girl apparently.

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