My Birthday 2013

Sometimes its great having a blog to record moments in your life. When I was blabbering on about Glastonbury last week, I was really pleased that I wrote about the festival we went to last year, so I could look back at the photos again and reminisce.

Last year I blogged about Rob and my birthday‘s in May and June respectfully. So for completely self indulgent reasons I want to do the same again. I realise it is almost half way through July and I am very behind/all over the place with my blogging. But better late than never I suppose!

For my birthday in May, Rob got me tickets to see The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s at the beginning of the month, and on the day, we both took the day off work and went to the seaside. I meant to blog about my day out, but as I was doing the blog every day in May challenge all my plans went out the window!

I chose to go to Whitsable for the day, so we took a leisurely drive down to the town in the campervan, parked up, then went for a nice walk along the front, then found a lovely cafe that exclusively sold locally sourced, organic, free range tucker (yum!)

I made a dick of myself (as per usual) trying to order a diet coke, not quite understanding the concept that the cafe only served food from Kent! I drank some yummy Faversham orchard juice and Rob had a lovely local beer instead if you are interested!

The journey down
The journey down
my passenger side! I was excited to be in the van so I took photos! Yes, I am sad!
my passenger side! I was excited to be in the van so I took photos! Yes, I am sad.
how the back of the van looked back in May
how the back of the van looked back in May
our stroll along the front
our stroll along the front
oblitory boat shot
obligatory boat shot

But what I really want to share on here are the photos below of this amazing beach hut we spotted. Now traditionally beach huts are painted in cute pastel colours, and are just crying out for some bunting to be hung up in them, and for the owners to go on a crazy Cath Kidston shopping spree. All of which I fully approve of – I love me some kitsch and chinze!

However as much as I love all the twee, vintage themed things in life, I also love bright colours, cool graphics and street art. So of course I loved this beach hut! I think its the mutts nuts!the huthut 2DSCF1943

Rob’s birthday this year was at Glastonbury. It seemed he was not the only birthday boy on the site though, because we saw plenty of peeps wearing birthday badges and banners. When we were watching Chic there was a group of lads serenading one of their mates (he was 23 bless him!) I was in the zone at the time (read that as alcohol fuelled) so I marched up to them and made them sing happy birthday to Rob too! I think we kind of freaked them out with our old age as Rob was 14 years older than the other birthday boy. He looked very shocked and slightly panicked when I told him Robs age! YKYAGOW when you scare away the youngsters!

Last year for Robs gift I got him a Soda Stream which he still loves and uses almost daily, plus tickets for Indietracks. This year I got him (and me) tickets to Truck festival!

Well we have the campervan running now and it would be rude not to use it!

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