Bitching Stitchings

Here is a little peek of some pictures I have ready to hang in our bedroom so far. As well as the newly acquired Tina print!stich pics

As you can see I have done a little DIY to the frames. I know that it is not much of an accomplishment just painting them, but for me its an achievement as I am a bit rubbish at craft type stuff!

I have experimented before with spray paint, but after spraying our patio pink last summer and having a picture frame stuck to newspaper, with loads of drip runs on it. I said never again and decided to DIY these frames the old fashioned way, with some paint and a paintbrush! I will save the spray paint for if I feel the need to tag a wall or something.

The rest of our prints around the house are framed in simple white frames. I did plan to re-frame the large embroidery, but I thought I would have a go at painting it yellow first and then if that turned out to be another DIY disaster, then I would take it along to my local framers.

How it looked before
How it looked before

This picture used to belong to my Nan. I asked for this picture, as it bought back memories of my visits to Liverpool and staying with my grandparents. Apparently one of their next-door neighbours made it for her around 40 years ago. Nan would probably hate the yellow, but would be pleased I kept her picture!during

I on the other hand love yellow, I love pops of yellow in a room. Its so cheerful! The owl embroidery I have blogged about before here. I hated the boring brown frame, so jazzed it up in another favourite colour of mine, pink. The flower stitching I found for 99p in a charity shop and painted the horrible plastic gold surround turquoise.

This paint from Hobbycraft is the bomb! I am fighting the urge to paint everything I can with it! Rob pointed out to me that the paints I chose were like the printer colours CMYK. I did not realise when I picked them, but he is right!

I know I am prattling on about the pictures in our bedroom far too much on here. I’m kind of boring myself about it. But here I go yet again, sorry about that!

My first thoughts and feelings on how to accessorise the bedroom, were to work around my crocheted blankets which I love so much, and granify the room with a collection of embroidered pictures and even have a few doilies scattered artfully around the room. Cath Kidston would be very proud of me!image-1-1024x1024                                                       Image above from here

I would love to build an embroidery collection like above. But then I am pulled away from my granny chic leanings, with my love of mid century modern and kitschy mainstream art. So you know what, I think I am just going to do the full works! I know that these elements do not necessarily work together, but I love all of them. At the end of the day I think its best to just follow your heart and fill your home with things you love. There are no rules to decorating, only your own imagination (and budget) and that’s why I love interior design.IMG_4062-1024x768

Image above from here

Not that I have a clue or any talent myself when it comes to interior design BTW!


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