Camping In Uffington and Truck Festival 2014

Sorry to overshare on my last post and involve you all in my shopping list!

Its about time that I shared our actual camping trip instead of just harping on about the boring, practical side of our future camping trips!

Almost two weeks ago we set off on our first touring camping trip. Truck Festival is a small festival thats only on for two nights and opens on the Friday morning, so we thought that we would make more of a break by camping somewhere nearby first.

Neither of us know the area, so using the power of Google and Google maps (how did we ever manage to do anything without search engines back in the old days, aka the 90’s?) I selected a campsite on the basis that it was near some beauty spot (the White Horse at Uffington), had showers, was near a pub and had a tea room. Basically it ticked all the boxes.

However, the tea room was only open on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. You should have seen Robs disappointed face! He bemoaned the fact that I did not do my research properly (to be fair, I hadn’t. I am a lazy Googler) and that he had been looking forward to his cream tea for weeks!

But fear not, we managed to eat far too many calories for our own good, despite the lack of homemade scones on our holiday. We had an amazing lunch in a thatched pub in the cutest of tiny villages (Woolstone) and ate far too many sausages and fried food than was necessary!

Cue lots of photos of our time away. All taken by Rob of course. I took my camera, but did not bother to use it as per usual.

On the first night at the campsite we saw an amazing sunset.

On the first night at the campsite we saw an amazing sunset.Then the next day we decided to climb up the hill to see the White Horse.steep steep 1steep 2Boy, was it a steep climb on a boiling hot, humid day. But worth it, as the views were amazing, countryside as far as the eye could see. And Swindon.

The second picture above was included to show how high up we went, showing the portaloos in one of the fields belonging to the campsite, and the third picture is not the best shot I know, but I wanted to share just how steep the hill was that we climbed. Look at it next to the edge of the woods! Yes, we are mental to climb up that on one of the hottest days of the year!skyWhen we reached the the top we had an added extra bonus. Look into the distance in the sky in the above picture. Whats that you spy? Why, its only the the red arrows!

Its not really my thing, but Rob loved it! He really is a big kid at heart who loves anything that has a noisy engine. He even told me that seeing the red arrows made up for him missing out on his cream tea! Bless.

We enjoyed a free air display for around 20 minutes and saw them do their thing like the smoke trails and fly over our heads really fast and close.arrowsarrows 2We walked down the hill the less steep, more sensible on a hillLook its me with the White Horse behind me!

Next we went onto Truck festival. We went last year and had an amazing time. Its a small festival with cheap tickets that we decided to go again this year and had another amazing time (sorry about the amount of amazings in that sentence, my limited vocabulary let me down again. But seriously, it was amazing!)

We rode on the big wheel (so much fun) and saw some great bands. My favourites were the Blood Red Shoes and Andrew WK in the barn.barnThe barn/cow shed is such a great place to see live bands. I love it in there! You can even smell the farming aroma, which adds a certain something to the atmosphere.andrew wkwkI love Andrew WK’s grin! Its so menacing!

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