Clock Watching

I hope that I don’t come across like a ‘see all want all’ type on here, as I often post about stuff I like and wish for. I just want to share my thoughts and passion for mid century and vintage stuff on here. Last week I wanged on far too much about chairs, now I am going to babble on again about another item on my house wish list!

Believe it or not I am actually notoriously picky when it comes to furnishing our house. I don’t rush into making decisions and sometimes, when I finally make up my mind about something that I want for the house, like for instance our coffee table, it can take months or even years to find the item at the right price etc.

After all its not like you can drive to Ikea to pick up a 40+ year old piece of furniture, but I think the challenge of finding what you want and at the price you are willing to pay is quite fun! If a little frustrating and time consuming!

The next object on my wish list is for our dining room. We have pretty much finished decorating this room now that it has been carpeted, and there are only a few things holding me back from posting the room tour on here. Mainly that that we need to hang our pictures up. This is because we are saving up all of our prints to be framed in one go, as it is best to order made to measure frames in bulk online, the more you order the bigger discount you get! So we are going to do the whole lot in one hit. I cant wait!

I have talked about this before and I know exactly where this print is going to hang in the room. But one little detail about the room has been bugging me, the bare expanse of white wall above the sideboard.

I have played around with the future arrangement of our prints in my head, I have casually browsed around the Internet to see if there is another piece of art I would like to hang there. What I would love is more Tretchikoff ladies (originals please!), but I know Rob is not too keen on that idea. Sometimes I do have to rein it in and remember that this is his house too, and that he might not want quite as much tack in it as I do!

One thing I keep going back to is the idea of getting a starburst clock to hang above the sideboard. I now finally believe that after nearly three years of mulling it over, that yes, this is the best option for this wall, and yes, I do love them enough to spend around £45 on one (dream on Helen!) unseen on eBay and I will keep it for a very long time.

click on image for source
click on image for source

I have done a previous post on clocks on my blog before, and I know that I really don’t need another one. And yes, maybe I do have a bit of a fetish for mid century era clocks! But to me these are timeless (ha ha – pun intended!!!) pieces of good design, that really do stand the test of time!! (OK, I will stop now!!!)

You can buy one of these band new, but that is a bit more than I am willing to spend, and is a last resort option, if I give up after constantly getting outbid in auctions. Also, it would be nice to own an original vintage clock as the two others are reproduction.

So the hunt begins. I am in no rush, I will wait until I win one at the right price online or maybe I will have a lucky find in a vintage shop or chazza while I am out and about.

Wish me luck, it might take me some time!!! (Sorry, I just could’nt help myself with the stupid puns!!!)

all 3 poor quality pictures pulled from google images
all 3 poor quality pictures pulled from google images

2 thoughts on “Clock Watching

  1. I get it – when I was doing up my flat it was a real struggle to talk about anything besides paint colours and picture frames! I see starburst clocks in charity shops a lot (I say that – I’ll never see another now) and always swither about whether or not I like them, but you might have convinced me.

  2. I have well and truly had enough with decorating believe it or not! I use this blog to try to get my enthusiasm back and creative juices flowing!
    Im going to have to visit Aberdeen for the charity shops me thinks! My local ones are always picked to pieces.
    Go on, treat your self to a new clock! x

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