BEDN 25 – Til Xmas

Day 25Only 1 month until Christmas. Favourite Christmas traditions? Or favourite Christmas presents? Favourite Christmas songs? The best bit of Christmas is? What are you planning this year?

Blimey, one month to go? That pesky Xmas has snuck up on us again.

To be frank, I am not a huge fan of Xmas. As an atheist, who hates shopping, who has no children of her own, the three meanings of Xmas are lost on me.

Although I am not completely bah humbug/Scrooge McDuck/Grinch-like about the whole event. I do believe in the fourth meaning of xmas – the food!

I love the Xmas food! I have bought a jar of posh mincemeat ready to bake some mince pies, I have made a mental note to bake my cake at some point soon and I have even allowed myself a little daydream about making a batch of homemade chilli jam as a gift for my friends.

Dream on Hels! For those who do not know already – I am not very handy at crafting etc. The last batch I made did not set properly and ended up a very vinegary, runny, not very nice Thai sweet chilli sauce!

One thing I am looking forward to is putting the decorations up. We have not done so for the last 3-4 Christmases, due to being packed ready up to move, moved but the house was too disorganised and we CBA etc, then last year we had new carpets which we did not want to ruin by covering in glitter and marks from tree legs etc. But this year I feel a teeny tiny bit excited about decorating the house with a load of temporary tack to go amongst the rest of our permanent tack!

Also, is this not the best Xmas bauble ever? I so wish I bought it, instead of Instagraming it!beer ball

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