Design Classic – Cocoa Eyes

Back in the late noughties when I first started reading blogs, in particular interior blogs like Apartment Therapy, Decor8 and Design Sponge etc, the Keep Calm poster was everywhere.

Fast forward to 2014 and the bloggers favourite words of wisdom in the form of a print has all but disappeared (overkill maybe?) These days blogland is currently obsessed with house plants, that moon postermacrame wall hangings, the Its Ok banner and everything yellow.

All things that I heartily approve of.

However, I do try to not let myself get too influenced by the internet trends, overwise this would happen – A) I would be broke after spending a fortune on Etsy and vintage stuff. B) My house would be filled to the brim with lots of bad half finished DIY projects involving neon washi tape and gold spray paint. C) My house would sort of look like everybody else’s on the internet.

Image from Original sources linked in post.
Image from Original sources linked in post.

However……I really want this poster! Maybe you have spotted this distinctive poster around the internet and in interior magazines from time to time. Its a bit of a strange poster really, just two staring eyes on a plain background. But the clean lines and simplicity of this print really appeal to me. The more I see it, the more I like it. It has really grown on me!

Image from
Image from
Image from

I think it would look perfect hanging in our bedroom. (Full tour coming… guessed it soon!!)

Recently I finally discovered the name of this poster. By discovered, I really mean that I read it on a blog. Its Cocoa Eyes by Swedish graphic designer Olle Eskell. I did some further research and discovered that was designed by him in 1954 for a Swedish Cocoa company.

So yeah, designed in the 1950’s and graphic. What more could I want? Its perfect for our home!

P.S Check out this Pinterest board!

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