Design Classic – Welsh Blankets

Around two years ago I started subscribing to Mid Century magazine, and amongst all the amazing articles and home tours, I spotted my first Welsh blanket.

Its funny, I showed a magazine to my Mum and mentioned how much I liked the blanket in the picture. Her reply was something along the lines of “ugggh, we’ve had all that type of stuff before and we were glad to get rid of it!!!”

Sometimes she just does not get my love of good bad-taste! If you are interested, here is a B+W Instagram snap of a vintage blanket that used to belong to my grandparents that I now own and love. One persons trash is another persons treasure eh!

At the time I had no idea that the blankets I was admiring were specifically Welsh blankets. A craft industry product which still to this day are woven in local Welsh mills and are so bloody expensive! Have you seen how much these bad boys go for on eBay? Or brand new?

One day I might treat myself to one. In the mean time here is a visual treat of welsh blankets looking damm fine in other peoples houses.

image from design sponge
image from design sponge. I love this sneak peek!Image from Another dreamy blanket from another dreamy home tour.Image from Another dreamy blanket from another dreamy home tour.Image from anther amazing holiday let!Image from an amazing holiday let!Image from An amazing holiday let!Image from Another amazing holiday let!

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