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I am so excited to share this room tour on here! Our dining room has been decorated for a while now and I have just been waiting for all the finishing touches to be completed – like finding the right clock for the room, the framing and hanging of our prints. Oh, and the carpet to be fitted!

The dining room was one of the first rooms we decorated back in early 2010 and we finally carpeted this room in December 2012!

Now that the cold, hard, paint splattered, dusty concrete floors are a distant memory, its one of my favourite rooms in our house. Plus it has turned out exactly as I envisioned it!

I started to plan this room back in 2008, around the time that Rob and I started talking about moving. I knew in my next house that I wanted my future dining room (if I was lucky enough to find a house with one!) to have a black, white and yellow colour scheme, a vintage sideboard and Eames dining chairs. Over the next few years the room has evolved into something resembling my initial ideas, but with much more colourful (and better) curtains!

When we moved into our house, the dining room was wallpapered with a horrible beige squared patterned paper and had cheap and nasty, badly laid fake beechwood laminate flooring.

Back in 2010, I had no idea that I was going to become a world famous blogger(!!!). So I have no photos to show how things used to look. I managed to find the photo below showing the stripped walls (begone you horrible 90’s wallpaper!) through the kitchen doorway and one more photo of the work in progress.

dining room beforeAt this point I had already purchased the vintage yellow lampshade and we had bought our new-old table. I won the table on eBay for the grand total of £10! Its a vintage Nathan or MacIntosh teak table from the 70’s (I think).

For that price the table had its fair share of wear and tear and Rob did start to restore it by sanding it down etc, but we soon discovered that it was made from teak veneer rather than solid wood and Rob’s efforts unfortunately did more harm than good!

Luckily the table was only a tenner so we weren’t that bothered. We did say that at some point we would find a replacement. But almost four years later, we have become rather fond of our table despite its imperfections. Its sturdy and well built, just the right size for the room, and will extend to seat six people if I felt so inclined to host a dinner party. You know, when hell freezes over and all that!dining room before 2Here is the dining room right before the new carpet was laid.
before2And here it is in its full glory photographed the best I can on a dark January afternoon!dining room 1dining room 2dining room 3dining room 5dining room 6dining room 7dining room 8
And finally, a peek into the room through the kitchen doorway. A much better view than the first photograph in this post eh!dining room 9Source list
Lampshade – vintage from eBay
Sideboard – vintage from eBay
Table – vintage from eBay
Tretchikoff coasters – eBay
Tretchikoff Print and Velvet Underground poster – eBay and framed using online made to measure framers
Chairs – cheapo Eames DSW reproduction chairs from… you guessed it, eBay!
Clock – TK Maxx
Plants – Aldi & Morrisons
Plant pots – Homebase
Curtains – John Lewis
Curtain pole – Argos
Ipod dock – HMV
Teak deers on sideboard – Various charity shops
Dunny on sideboard – Present from Rob, Kid Robot limited edition with Swatch
Placemats – House of Fraser (with about 90% off, because I can’t imagine there is a huge demand for bright yellow placemats!)

Edit 10/01/14 – Since I wrote this post Hell has froze over! Does this mean I have to host a dinner party? 

6 thoughts on “Dining Room Tour

  1. I absolutely love your dining room…the yellow is fantastic, love your velvet underground poster, your sideboard, the table, the curtains…just perfect 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this is so gorgeous! I love the table, you did right to keep it, and the lampshade is fab. The chairs are perfect, as the the curtains and sideboard. You got some amazing ebay bargains there. I love the pops of yellow too. What a lovely room. x

    1. Thanks Gillian! We have kept the table out of laziness I must admit! One day I will stalk eBay for an identical replacement!

  3. Love this room! Amazing eBay finds, especially the table and chairs. When I showed it to Thomas, his only response was, “we can have a room JUST like that when we buy a new house, right?”

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