Dreamy Crib Alert

I try not to do too many of these type of posts. You know, just copy and pasting stuff I have seen online.

There are many reasons why I don’t, including I am not 100% sure about the legal side of things, and mainly that there are thousands, nay millions of other bloggers who do a much better job at this type of thing than me!

But this house is just too good not to share!

I saw this house last month on Wowhaus and immediately fell in love with it. I sent Rob the link and he immediately fell in love with it. Although he did comment that the photos look a bit staged as the furnishing are so in keeping and stylish. Yup! I totally agree (with the stylish part)! In fact the only thing Rob and I disagreed on was the kitchen tiles. He would rip them out, where as I would keep them.

It truly is a lottery win type of dream house for both of us. The only problem is that it is in Folkestone. A town that I have recently visited and have added to my ever growing ‘towns that I do not want to live in if I can help it’ list.

Ah well nothing is perfect eh! Lets just all admire the photos below and bask in all the mid century goodness. Soaking up the beautiful wooden panelling, the original (I think) pendant lamps, the amazing staircase, the Hornsea and Le Crueset pieces in the kitchen and the stylish, well thought out furnishings.

All photos are taken from, plus there are a few more images here if you want to see more.24bDSC_0394bDSC_0409bDSC_0626kkDSC_0475lDSC_0562tDSC_0430

4 thoughts on “Dreamy Crib Alert

  1. Oooh it’s fab, although it does look a little more museum than home.. I’m with you – those tiles are great (in that kitchen!)

  2. Thomas would love this, but the wood-panelling is a bit much for me. I’d prefer clean white walls to show off the beautiful wood tones in the furniture.

    1. The paneling is perfect for someone like me as I will never have to chose what colour to paint the walls!

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