Dylan At 16 Months

Yadda yadda “This blog is not going to turn into a Mommy blog” she said! However, Im gonna do one of these sentimental type of posts about my bae today. I will keep it brief!

He has been walking for almost 6 months now (WTF!!) He was walking at 10.5 months old. ….Although an early walker also means that he was an early starter at other toddler behaviours like being naughty and meltdowns etc!

He currently has all but his last four teeth. (Which we think may be on their way soon).

His favourite toys are his little cars and his Duplo.

He doesn’t like food, he still prefers his milk the little bugger!

He runs around all day long, but comes back for regular cuddles from Rob and I.

He can say “Mummy”, “Daddy”, “Teddy” (my sisters pet dog name not his toys), “Hey Duggee”, “no”, “ready, steady go”, “ah, ah choo” (the sneezing sound!) and “thank you”!

Oh, and he is going to be a big brother in August this year! Boom! So there’s the the point of this post! Yep, another one is on the way, due 23/08/18 and its another boy. Eek! We had better stock up on the pasta parcels!

2 thoughts on “Dylan At 16 Months

  1. Oh wow congratulations!!! That’s such exciting news Hope you’re feeling well and the pregnant with a toddler experience has been good so far

    1. Thank you! Im not too bad thanks, the worst of the morning sickness is over now (but I think I have thrown up more with this one!) Pregnant with a toddler is not bad as being pregnant working full time in a boiling hot bakery! And thank goodness for Cbeebies when I was feeling rough! x

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