Early Birthday Treats and a Failed Blog Post!

Its my birthday this month, so for a treat my parents took me out for the day. We went up to Hampton Court and had pizzas at Pizza Express and then they bought me some vintage Pyrex.

They sure do know the way to my heart. Pizza and Pyrex! All in the same day! Boy, I am a lucky girl!

On my Instagram feed, every so often I will post a picture of Hampton Court. If you are wondering why, its because my parents are from the area* (OK, technically my Dad is a scouser, but he moved down south in his mid teens), and we go up to Kingston and its surrounding area to tend family graves. And because we like it up there, of course. We love the parks and we often wander around the grounds of Hampton Court.

This visit was different though, because this time we actually coughed up the entrance fee and went inside the palace rather than its free grounds!

This is a rare, once a decade, type of occurrence in my family, which involves a lot of grumbling about the price of the tickets, some feeble attempts of trying to remember all that we know about the Tudors gleaned from the tv series and Philippa Gregory books, and us nearly fainting from the shock of the price of a cup of tea in the cafe.

What can I say, we are a cultured bunch! If I were a more eager blogger I could have taken our good camera up with me and written up an informative blog post about the history of the palace and what you can experience from a visit. But…. you guessed it, nah, I didn’t bother. What can I say, I like to be a consistant slacker! At least I managed an Instagram picture, I suppose!IMG_20150512_214852

After we managed to absorbe our current decades worth of culture (we were facinated by the historic cakes in the cafe and could probably tell you more about them than the history of the royal families in the palace!) we had a little wander around the local shops in Hampton before scoffing down our pricey pizzas.

I dragged my Mum into one of the antique shops and she ended up treating me to my early birthday present… some pretty special Pyrex!

As I have somehow managed to write an overly long introduction to a post on Pyrex all about my family background and visiting Hampton Court (in other words, nothing that ties in with, or is relevant to Pyrex -Damn I am so good at this blogging malarky!) I think its best that I share the Pyrex in another post. Take two, if you like.

Hopefully in my next attempt at blogging about my latest haul, I will not waffle on all about myself (yet again) and let the Pyrex do all the talking!!! Fingers crossed. Sorry everyone! I must try harder!

*BTW if you think that we are a posh lot because Kingston is a very well heeled area, think again. My parents moved to Kent because they could not afford to live in the area (and this was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s), and a lot of my Surrey family come from a Roma background.

4 thoughts on “Early Birthday Treats and a Failed Blog Post!

  1. PS Happy birth month. Are we the same year? (’80) Isn’t 35 an awfully solid sounding number *gulp*

    1. Thank you! Yes, we are.

      I know, Im trying not to think about it too much, but I can no longer say that I am in my ‘early thirties’ and am now halfway to forty – eek!!! x

  2. I know! Although, I have been married a decade and am in possession of a 10 year old & a 15 year so I’ve been basically middle aged since my twenties, lol 🙂
    David (the husband) was 39 this year so he’s on the slow slide into 40 now which makes 35 seem a little better!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy whatever birthday celebrations you have planned. And yay! birthday pyrex!

    Love the pics of Hampton Court btw, have read a fair bit of Elizabeth Chadwick etc so it’s interesting to see the places.

    1. Ha ha, I know the feeling! None of us are getting any younger, eh!

      Yeah, Rob is the same age as your husband, so its not too bad!

      Thanks! x

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