Finally – Our New Kitchen Is Revealed!

I apologise for the time it has taken me to publish my big kitchen reveal post. It’s because it has taken me a very long time to get around to taking the “after” pictures. Meaning that I have been waiting for the right lighting conditions and then on a day where there is no mess or washing up cluttering the worktops (hint – never). In the end I gave up waiting for that magical day, so this is the best I can offer!

It took an age to decorate this room. We had to fit the renovations into our free weekends. It took from roughly from the end of February until mid June 2012 to finish.

BTW when I say finished, we still need to put sealant on the edges of the flooring and sort out some blinds for the window and back door (I got a made to measure quote recently from a company for almost £300 – eek!) But it was worth the wait! I love it so much, and hopefully I will have many happy years of cooking ahead of me in this lovely room!

Lets start with some pics from before we started, all taken between March ’10 and February ’12, and the usual poor quality you expect from me.


old kitchen 1old kitchen 2old kitchen 3old kitchen 4old kitchen 5old kitchen 5old kitchen 7old kitchen 8Admittedly it does not look too bad in the before pictures (if you ignore the washing up pile!), but believe me it was grim. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling in horrible tiles with filthy grouting, which no amount of scrubbing could get hygienic.

The units were falling to pieces and the kitchen had electrical issues. I had three plug sockets fail on me in two years, leaving me with just three working sockets for the kettle, toaster and radio. If I wanted to use my slow cooker or another kitchen gadget, I had to play musical plug socket chairs! Oh, and I almost forgot – the old yucky, greasy extractor fan (not shown in the before photos) gave Rob an electric shock! So it was just for show for a few years! And if I used the hob, grill and oven together, the electrics would short! Oh dear!


new kitchen 1new kitchen 2new kitchen 3See those storage boxes at the end of the oven by the door? I keep my spices in them, and it is so handy. Its an odd sized space and there was no unit available to fit it, so we were just going to box it in, but the nice lady at Ikea suggested we put some shelves into the space and I am glad we did. We even made it back to Ikea to buy some more storage boxes after I melted the first set!
New kitchen 4new kitchen 5new kitchen 6new kitchen 7old kitchen 8The interior door will be replaced eventually. I hate the chintzy glass pattern. Plus I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but I ruined the etching by cleaning it with white vinegar. Not on purpose, honest!new kitchen 9new kitchen 10 Much better! I have tried to take them in the same sequence/order as the before pictures so you see the full 360° of the room and can compare them.

One of the biggest challenges I found cooking in the old kitchen was the relative lack of worktop space. So we sacrificed the larder cupboard by the fridge to gain more worktop space over that side of the kitchen.

It took a long time to decide on the new layout and admittedly it has not changed a great deal. The biggest challenge was where to put the oven etc as we have three doorways into this room – the back door, dining room doorway and the door from the hallway. When we were viewing properties to move here, we looked at lots of houses in the area that were built in the same style, and saw that many houses had blocked in one of these doorways. We decided against doing so as we love the “flow” of our house. Blimey – I feel a little daft saying that! But who wants a dead-end hallway or have to walk from the kitchen, all the way down the hallway and through the lounge carrying plates to get to the dining room?

We also had to factor in that the opening of the oven door was not going to interfere with the passing traffic through said doorways for safety and practical reasons. I think in the end the layout we settled on makes the best of the rooms picsnik naks

We had the walls and ceiling plastered and sorted out the wiring issues using tradesmen, but plumbed it in, tiled and fit it ourselves (OK – Rob did. I just passed the hammer etc to him).

We now have lots more storage space, another thing it was lacking before, thanks to the tall Ikea wall cabinets. I love them! I just need to grow an extra foot or two! In the mean time I have invested in a sturdy stepladder or if I am being lazy I get Rob to reach me down various items!

Initially I was unsure of the wall colour I had chosen, as it dried a lot darker than I expected, and is quite a similar colour to what we have painted our bathroom (tour coming soon), but I love pink and turquoise and I can happily live with it!

Big thanks to Rob for working so hard on my our lovely kitchen!

Resource list
Units, handles and worktops – Ikea.
Flooring – Vinyl from a local independent carpet shop.
Tiles – Tile Giant.
Oven – Samsung via Appliances online.
Sink – Ikea.
Tap – Screwfix.
Extractor fan – Wickes.
Integral dishwasher & Induction hob – Ikea.
Fridge/freezer & washing machine – We kept our previous white goods which are now 7.5 years old, but have been looked after and work fine.
Prints – Etsy & Showler & Showler.
Picture frames – Wilkinsons.
Nick nacks on shelves – Collected over the years from boot fairs, eBay, charity shops etc.
Kettle – Argos.
Pink Le Cruset pot – TK Maxx 2nds. It holds our teabags. We drink a lot of tea.
Kitchenaid – Gift from Rob
Roberts Radio – Gift from Rob about 5 years ago.
Bread bin – An Ebay kind of bargin. Read about it here.
Blender – Gift from Mum. She got it free when she bought her K-mix mixer a few years back. But did not use it, so gave it to me
Toaster – I treated myself to it. I have wanted one for years!
Soda Stream – A gift from me to Rob that is used loads.
Dog door stop – I have had this for as long as I can remember, my cousin got it for me (I think).
Light – An eco one from Wickes.

6 thoughts on “Finally – Our New Kitchen Is Revealed!

  1. Wow! What a difference! It looks lovely.

    And that blinds quote? Ouch! The made-to-measure blinds for our three kitchen windows cost less than £90 total; I can’t remember which website it was I used, but it was one of the first ones to appear when you google.

  2. Thank you very much!

    The blinds quote was from Cath Kidston (I did not want to name and shame them in my post). It was out of quorisity really, I knew it would be expensive, but not quite that expensive! We have bought some plain white ones for less than a tenner each from Dunelm to DIY a pattern on ourselves!

    1. Thank you very much! It has grown on me, it was not quite what I had in mind for the room and Rob flat out refused to repaint it but I love it now!

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