Going, Going, Almost Gone!

I am determined to blog the progress that we are making decorating this house. In our last house I did a terrible job posting finished room tours (at least) two years after we decorated them and not really bothering to blog the smaller details etc.

Welp, this time I have no excuses as I have almost finished work now and I will need something to keep me occupied!

So I apologise in advance for clogging up your Feedly/Bloglovin feeds over the next 12(ish) weeks before I disappear for the next 18 years go into hibernation for a few months, but I need to do something semi-productive on the internet rather than just looking at cats on Instagram!

Yesterday we made a big change in our lounge as we started the process of changing the fireplace. When we moved here we inherited a gas fire with a massive mantle piece, which we knew that we would change when we eventually decorated the house. As our decorating timescale has now changed (there is nothing like a deadline to motivate us into getting things done, eh!) its all systems go around here and things are changing left right and centre, decisions are being swiftly made, large parcel deliveries are arriving almost daily, credit card bills are sky high (don’t worry I will pay them off soon!) and I can hardly keep up with it all!

Our current gas fire is mounted on the wall with an outside flue as we have no chimney breast in this house, so we were limited with our options of what to replace it with. If money was no object, I would love to install a wood burner but you are looking at spending at least 5K to do so (eek!). Next we looked into replacing it with another gas fire, and they are all either horrible, chinzy, brassy things which are not to my taste, or eye wateringly expensive yet again. (The one that I liked in the shop was a built into the cavity wall rectangular fire that cost 2K! Plus you need to service it yearly for insurance purposes which costs £52! Double eek!!)

So after researching our options, we have decided that it is best to cap the gas (which the plumber charged us £45 to do so) and to replace the old gas fire with a nice wall hung electric one. This will give me the simple, clean lined look that I prefer and then we do not have to worry about carbon monoxide and the like. Plus it will save us a shit ton of money!

Here is a before shot and some action shots from yesterday.

From this…
old fire
…to this
fire face
It looks like a face!
To how things look today!

Doesn’t the lounge look so much better already without the humongous mantle piece in it, eh!

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