Good News Everybody!

As I suspected, my last post, the Q&A, did not get great feedback. My main encourager, proof reader, supporter and reader of this blog (thats Rob in case you were wondering!) described my last post as “boring as f**k!”

Ah well, haters gonna hate and all that!

But I have removed it anyway. Because it was dull as dishwater. And Im going to get back to my usual high standard, multiple award winning style of blogging and talk about the small mundane, random bits of my life once again.

So just in case anyone is interested – I’ve had a bit of luck recently. I have won not one, but two competitions!

The first win was a bag of Celebration™ sweets in the works Xmas raffle. I know that’s not very exciting to many people, but I was happy. And excited enough to Instagram the moment (yep, I am that sad!)

I didn’t win the top prize of a 32″ flat screen TV, but I don’t need a new telly. However, I always need more chocolate in my life! (And fortunately, I did not win the bottle of chinzano™, because no one likes the stuff. Or the bottle of Lambrini™ either, thank goodness!)

So there I was, happy with a bag of chocolates, when I got an email from Sarah that I had won part of a giveaway on her blog!

Two wins in one week, eh! And they say that things always happen in threes……… so it might be time for me to go and buy a lottery ticket, eh! If I suddenly disappear from here, and my Instagram feed starts getting all a bit ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram‘ you’ll know why!!!winningI chose this book from Elly Blue in the giveaway, because (re)learning to ride my bike again this year, has helped me deal with a few personal issues and kept me in a good headspace (well most of the time anyway, like most people I have my moments ha ha!) But I really fancy reading the feminist bicycle science fiction (now that’s a bit of a niche there!) book Pedal Zombies also by Elly Blue which you can buy from the Portland based company or on Amazon if you want.

2 thoughts on “Good News Everybody!

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the double win!!
    Happy Christmas & new year to you both, hope it’s a good year and the big move works out 🙂

    1. Thank you! Happy Xmas and new year to you and your family. I hope you have a lovely one.

      I better get me down to the newsagent to buy a few scratch cards and some lottery tickets ready for the big move!!!! x x

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