Good Reads Part 1

Lets talk books baby. Big, beautiful books with big, beautiful, bootilicious, drool-some pictures in them.

I love non fiction books. Especially books about mid century modern design, interiors and architecture. The more pictures in them, the better if you ask me.

These days I rarely buy magazines, I prefer to pay a bit extra for a decent book that won’t end up in the recycling pile, that I can keep on my bookshelf (never on the coffee table!) and that I can browse through again and again. I like to source my books secondhand through Abebooks, Ebay, the Amazon Marketplace and charity shops because its the cheaper and greener option! (So then my books are not that much more expensive than most mags, honest!)

Here are some of my favourite books and recommendations for mid century freaks and geeks like pile

Orla Kiely – Home

Rob got me this book for Xmas last year and I love it so much! It is a great introduction to the world of all things MCM, beautifully laid out with amazing photographs of Ms Kiely’s own personal favourite nick nacks, her lovely home products, her own home and plenty of other authentic mid century and gorgeous new build home tours that will give you a serious case of house envy.orla book

a random page of goodness I selected to badly photograph
A random page of goodness I selected to badly photograph!


Wayne Hemingway – Cocktail Shakers, Lava Lamps an Tupperware

This book is all about the less than stylish side of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. A look back at the mass market classic products that filled every British home back in the day, like sandwich toasters, furry toilet seat covers, kitschy art from Woolworths and much, much more! Its a laugh at the bad taste-goodness from the past! Please note that this is exactly the same book as Mass Market Classics, just with a different cover and title. However you can pick this version of the book up much cheaper through Amazon’s marketplace.

Just look at that cheesy cover - whats not to love!
Just look at that cheesy cover – whats not to love!

Mid Century Modern – Bradley Quinn

Another book that will make you want to go crazy with the credit card and fill your house with lovely stuff. My only criticism of this book is that the text is a little dull. Now, I am slightly obsessed with the subject matter, but even I found it a struggle to read. I managed to read it from cover to cover no less, and learnt a few things. So its all good. Buy it to look at the pictures again and again. And again.mcm book

Decorative Art 50’s – Charlotte and Peter Fiell

This book is like the Argos catalogue of mid century goodness. Read it and weep peeps! And thats my shit, uneducated book review for you!
No seriously, there is so much eye candy in this compilation of the The Studio Year Book of Decorative Art from Taschen. I have the 60’s version in my book collection and I would love the 70’s version to complete my collection. (HUGE BIRTHDAY HINT ALERT!)50's book

Case Study Houses – Elizabeth A T Smith

I love post war modernist architecture. Particularly American ranch homes. This book is a compact version of Taschen’s larger (and out of my book buying budget) special edition on the case study houses. Each house featured looks retro, yet still modern and is pretty much my dream house. Its unbelievable to think that some of these groundbreaking homes have been pulled down and no longer exist!

Tulip chair, swimming pool and a gorgeous house built around a tree - what a lucky couple on the cover!
Tulip chair, swimming pool and a gorgeous house built around a tree – what a lucky couple on the cover!

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