How Does Your Garden Grow 2018

Time for another mundane life update! This time its about the veg that we are growing in our garden. For the past three summers (since we moved) we have grown a few tomatoes and other veggies in grow bags in our back garden with varying degrees of success, i.e just enough veggies to make a few sauces and chutneys with!

But this summer, thanks to the freaky heatwave, our tomato plants have gone beserk!

Here is a photo of them from 03/07/18 –Not too shoddy, eh? But all of a sudden they went a bit mutant, all tangling up together (we don’t know what plant is what variety anymore as D removed all the tags!) and shooting up taller than 5ft 11in Rob!

No matter how much we cut them back, they just kept growing and growing! I have already made one batch of chutney and how the eff are we supposed to get through all of these with a new born in the house??!!??

Today we went out to pick some more. Here is the before photo –Our tomato pickings –And a photo of the after of picking the plants with shedloads of green toms still on them! –Think of all the homegrown tomato sauce that I can make for all the pasta parcels we will be consuming soon! Shame that I don’t have any room left in the freezer!

And here is another photo of todays pickings of tomatoes, chillies and green peppers. Anyone got any good chilli jam recipes?

P.S No baby yet. He has gone head down and is due in less than two weeks now!

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