How The Kitchen Went Up

Now I have shown the before and after pictures, I might as well show some of the inbetween pictures of the work that went into the new(ish) kitchen. All pictures were taken between the beginning of February to the end of May 2012.

yuckAbove is an IPhone snap of the start of ripping out the old kitchen. When we took up the flooring we found three layers of old lino and floor tiles. There was some old stagnant water between one of the layers from a leak that one of the previous owners of the house must have caused. Who knows how long that had been there for? Eww, and yes it stank!

yuck2stairway to hellholeWe also discovered that the stairs were unsupported structurally, thanks once again to previous “improvements” from a past owner of the house. They had removed the original pantry cupboards walls that supported the stairs and moved the back door to another wall. I wish they had not bothered. As shown in the two photos above.stairsdodgybetter

We sorted the structural problems (not with the piece of wood, we did it properly!) and plaster boarded the stairs.messwiringThe wiring issues were fixed and the cooker switch was moved.messmessy doorthresholdWe put new doorframes on.plaster1plaster2plaster3We had the room plastered. Then once it dried we could start painting and fitting the units.paint 1 paint2paint 4paint 5paint 6paint 7

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