I Might Have a Problem…

I need to join a support group for Pyrex lovers, something like Pyrex Hoarders Anonymous if such a thing exists.

I need to stand up in front of the group and announce to them that “my name is Helen and I have a Cinderella problem” and then the group would immediately know that its not a Disney princess issue that I have, but a colourful, patterned, vintage glass mixing bowl with pourers on the sides problem and sympathise with me!

I currently have ten Cinderella mixing bowls. Yes, thats right, ten.

Question – How many cakes do I bake? Answer – Not that many, as we are trying to cut back on sugary treats.

Question – How many fruit bowls do I need? Answer – Only one, as there are just two of us in our household.

Question – How many mixing bowls do you own again Helen? Answer – Ten.

Oh, the shame….Still, at least I can write a blog post about them!

I have the complete set of pink Gooseberry mixing pyrex 1
This Morning Star bowl. (My current fruit bowl)mix it up
These two white and yellow Gooseberry bowls.yellow mixing bowls
My personal favourite, this turquoise Gooseberry one.aqua bowl
And these two Toledo bowls, which aren’t in the best condition, so they are my everyday cooking bowls. Although I do use all of them, honestly – just not all at the same time, as I do not run a bakery from my kitchen!toledo bowls

Apparently because I might have too much Pyrex, it totally justifies Rob owning four bikes!?! My answer back is that all of my Pyrex together cost less than the equivalent of one wheel or a pedal or something on one of his expensive bikes.

And at least I can sneak my guilty indulges into the house easier, I suppose!

2 thoughts on “I Might Have a Problem…

  1. They are fabulous! I love the toledo bowls, (I have the oval casserole in that pattern) and the morning star. I mean, I love the gooseberries too, but those others are probably a bit more unusual and I like those sorts of retro geometric patterns. Are they ebay finds, or in the wild finds? Just curious because I have only ever found 2 cinderellas in the wild but some folk seem to find loads.

    I like Rob’s thinking, and yours! You can get a lot of kitchenalia for the price of 4 fancy bikes!!

    Btw – I saw your comment re: blogging. Not sure I have it in me but am thinking 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am a sucker for a retro pattern too. And a pretty pastel colour or two! I just have a bad cinderella habit!

      I think toledo is one of my favourites. I would love more pieces in this pattern. (Not that I have the room to store anymore, but never mind that!)

      Only the morning star was found in a charity shop, I bought the rest cheap on ebay. I never pay more online than I would if I found them in the wild, hence why I don’t buy online anymore now that the prices have shot up!

      Re blogging – Go for it! From what I have seen with your comments on here, you write beautifully and I am always happy to add another blog about vintage and Pyrex to my Feedly feed!

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