I’m back!

I’m back people! Back from a week away in the New Forest, staying with my family in a lovely bungalow with an outside swimming pool in Norley Wood.

We went for lots of walks, bike rides and even took a day trip to the Isle of Wight, which felt like an extra bonus holiday within a holiday.

I ate an icecream a day (almost) and sampled a few of the pubs within the National Park. I cooed over the wild horses and the donkeys and thought I saw a tiger….It was a cow that was sitting down which was an orangey colour with black stripes, that made me do a double take! My Mum agreed with me that it really looked like a tiger – I do not need to go to Specsavers, honest!

I sit here writing this with both of my heels in Compeeds after on Wednesday, Rob and I decided to go for a long walk and I then realised that I had left my walking boots in the back of my parents car, which they had already gone out for the day in. So after a few texts back and forth I borrowed my Mums boots. She is a size 5 and I am a size 6, and when I tried them on they felt OK, a little bit snug but in a kind of I need to cut my toenails kind of snug. So I decided I would wear them, rather than walk through woods wearing my Birkenstocks!

Well after six odd miles and despite the boots being a little snug, I was a limping, whining wreck! When we reached Beaulieu (a lovely village BTW) I had to phone my Dad to pick me up. The first time I have done so since I was around 16!

Aside from blisters bigger than a £2 coin on my plates of meat and a sore sun burnt neck, I had a great time. Rob and I cant wait to get our campervan fixed up and running to go on spontaneous weekend trips to lovely places like this. Maybe next summer, fingers crossed!

From google images. Tony the tigers double.


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