Kitchen Update

Yup another kitchen post I am afraid. Be warned there will be a lot more to come.

Here is how it looks today.

If you cant stand the heat get out of the errmm…

Please note MIL’s massive 80’s microwave on the floor, and my pink kettle and toaster, sadly both of which need to be replaced. The kettle no longer switches its self off once it has reached boiling point and turns the kitchen into a sauna! The toaster is scorched and rusty and burns everything. I cannot seem to find any baby pink (cheap) replacements. Any ideas please let me know.

And yes, I shamefully confess that in the washing up pile on the floor is my slow cooker inner from last week. Im not proud!

In my defence I have been ill and not had the temporary kitchen set up until last night. I cant wait until I get my first ever dish washer that is all I can say right now!


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