Lately #11

OMG I have not blogged at all this month! How rubbish am I!

I will spare you from all my reasons and excuses and quickly bash out a (lazy) what I have been up to lately type of post. Just so that I can keep up my momentum of blogging at least once a month since I started my lil ol’ blog back in January 2012.

  • So yeah, what have I been up to in August? The truth is not that much. Just working, working and more working. I am pretty much burnt out right now. Three jobs is hard man. I plan to write another post about my balancing act at some point soon. Just as soon as I get some time.
  • Thankfully, I am off on our annual family holiday next week. Whoo hoo! We are all sailing off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow. Look out islanders here we come! Make sure you have your chip, ice-cream and gin supplies all well stocked, as we plan on gorging ourselves silly and completely overdoing it!
  • We are taking an extra person with us this year. Last month I became an aunty again for the third time. My sister had another boy! He weighed 9lb11oz and is absolutely gigantic and has so much hair.
  • I camped at a VW show in Essex recently and had a laugh with our VW friends.
  • Recently I had a major freak out and spent over £45 on Kilner Jars because I had some flour/pantrymites/weavils. Shudder! It was awful, I did not realise I had them at first. I was mid baking a cake and had weighed out my flour and was sifting it into my mixer bowl when I noticed something crawling in it. Eww! The little bleeders got everywhere (I am a messy baker), they were all over the work top and crawling in the bowl. Yuck! They had spread from their original home the value bag of plain flour (I know that was the source, trust me) to all the other bags of flour in the cupboard. So cue me frantically throwing away all my flours, bleaching inside every cupboard and putting every kind of dried good I own into an airtight container. As soon as I was brave enough to step back into the kitchen and had stopped feeling itchy, that is. On the plus side of this experience, my kitchen has now become even more organised! Organised to the point were I proudly gave a tour of my kitchen cupboards to one of our friends, when he came round recently. Yes, I am sad!
  • I have my cooking mojo back, so I might be posting more recipes on here soon. Although one of my main reasons for not blogging is I CBA to take any photo’s. I really need to find my photography mojo again. It disappeared around 15 years ago, when I finished my photography A level. Oh dear.
  • Rob and I hope to squeeze in one or two more camping trips in September. Its such a shame that I have been working every weekend since May. But on a crappy contract I have to take what I can get. And its typical that the available overtime drys up at the end of summer. Such is life.

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