Lately #13

Well didn’t January just fly by, eh! And didn’t I half waffle on and on about dates and flapjacks in my last blog post, eh!

Right, its time for another little round up on my thoughts and what’s been happening recently. Thankfully shortened into much more reader friendly bullet points! Phew!

  • This post, that I found via the Little Birdie blog, brilliantly sums up everything that I could possibly say about how I view blogging.
  • I really want to go to this exhibition. I have to wait until October though.
  • I decided not to enter the London to Brighton bike ride. Because, err, you know, the whole 56 mile thing. Talk about running before you can walk! Plus the £40 entry fee is a bit steep. So I am going to enter Rob has entered me into this 35 mile event instead. I need a goal and something to motivate me to get off the sofa and move more. Just as soon as it warms up a bit that is. I still have 6 months to prepare for it right?
  • During January I just basically sat on my arse. No swimming, no bike rides, no yoga DVD routines, no long walks etc. I need to get back on the fitness wagon again, especially if I am going to do this bike event. Eeek!
  • I am pleased that Slaves are doing so well lately. A local band that I can be proud of, finally! Well, one of them is from Maidstone, so I am calling them local! We saw them a few years back at the Tunbridge Wells Forum supporting Dinosaur Pile Up and we all agreed that they were much better than the headliners. If you get the opportunity to see them live, do. They are amazing live.
  • I am loving these silly scissors that I got in TK Maxx for £2.99. Pointless – Yes. But they make me smile and make chopping herbs more fun!
  • I got carried away and bought this gadget which I am probably not going to use. It was only £4.98 in Morrisons! I do love a bargain! I am planning to get back into making smoothies again to increase our fruit and vegetable intake. And they will include healthy homemade yogurt in them (I hope). Unfortunately I think my blender is on its way out, as it has a funny burning smell when I use it, so I am saving my pennies up for a Nutribullet! Welp, if its good enough for K-Middy, then its good enough for me!yogurt maker
  • I have been having these funny urges again….the urge to be creative! Oh dear! It happens around this time every year. One year it was crocheting (I got as far as buying a magazine with a free kit in it, which went to the charity shop a year later), one year it was sketching, one year it was quilt making (influenced by a friend who sews amazing quilts as a hobby) plus knitting, photography and evening classes in pottery have all been considered over the years! This year I have been over influenced by the WWW (yet again) and have a hankering to either weave something, macrame something or craft a plant pot out of concrete! Oh dear! Do not watch this space. I will not be acting on my urges. I know my limits, and me and crafts do not mix. The world already has enough bad crafts in it without my contribution!
  • I have also been experiencing some other funny feelings lately. Like the feeling that I want to set a lovely table with nice things on it and invite people over for dinner parties. I must be getting old! Its so sad, but I have been daydreaming about nice napkins and teak Danish candle holders. What is happening to me?!!? The reality will be me giving my guests food poisoning (I still haven’t recovered from the embarrassment of serving guests raw chicken – don’t ask!) and me not being the hostess with the mostess, but getting drunk and swearing too much and knocking down the candles and setting something on fire!
  • Acting on my greedy wants for stuff I don’t need, I bought these Scandi influenced napkins from Asda for £3 (aren’t I posh with fabric napkins, eh!) and the yellow tray that I had been admiring in Wilko’s below as it was reduced from £7 to £4 (well it would be rude not to). I am rubbish at this living a clutter free life lark.table crap
  • Good news, the campervan passed its MOT! It is our only car, in case you were wondering. The Beetle has been declared off the road for a while now and is Rob’s next restoration project. It seems that I will always have a rusty old project parked on my driveway a’la Shameless style!
  • The other day I was thinking about the blogs that I read. I follow a few foodie ones and lots of vintage, mid century and design blogs. But the majority of my Feedly feed is written by thirty-something British women. Talking of which, here is my most recent favourite discovery.

2 thoughts on “Lately #13

  1. Now you point it out, most of my feed is 30-something British women too! Or late 20s. Occasionally I stumble across a blog written by (horror!) a teenager or student, I’m always too depressed by their youth and energy and enthusiasm to become a regular reader.

    (Also, I love those napkins, need to get me to Asda)

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