Lately #5

More goings on from the world of Helen and Rob in bullet points.

  • We went to our first gig of the year yesterday, Dinosaur Pile-up at the Tunbridge Wells forum. Living in Kent is not great for live music, there are no major venues. We normally have to travel up to London (approx £30 each train tickets) or drive down to Brighton (you are looking at £10 parking fee plus petrol etc). Going to a gig is a real purse drainer. The tickets for this gig were only £5 though. Bargain!
  • We have borrowed my nan’s old sewing machine from my mum. I had a mad five minutes when I thought I would have a go at making the curtains for our camper van. But then I remembered that I am not that way inclined (that is creative, clever, crafty or can sew full stop!) Now Rob wants to make them. He used to sew his own clothes at college before I met him, and knows his way around a sewing machine apparently. Watch this space!old sewer
  • Saying that though, I have been feeling these funny urges, and having strange thoughts lately……. That is to be more creative! I want to have a go at making something. Be it a sewing, knitting or crocheting project. I just need to work on my patience with fiddly stuff and see a project through!
  • We now have a much closer deadline than Glastonbury to get the camper van finished by. Its mid April! We are going camping in Cornwall for a week with some friends of ours. If the van is’nt ready we will take the tent and hope it does’nt pee it down all week!
  • We have finally settled on a name for the van. Because all VW’s have to have a name apparently. We decided that the van was a he from the off, but it has taken us over two years to decide on a name for him. We toyed with the option of Steve for a while (after of one of our friends, as it was greasy, coughed and smoked a lot and smelt a bit!) Then I wanted to call it Ernie (in honour of my grandad Bernard, a little play on his name there) and so we could say Ernie goes to Cornwall, Ernie goes to Essex etc like the films! But Rob was not feeling that. We finally settled on Jasper! As in Jasper Carrot R-S (our surnames). It suits a soon to be bright orange van perfectly!
  • One of Rob’s friends has a camper van called Fanny. Its funny at first, then after you have heard things like “he had trouble starting his Fanny up” and “his Fanny got really dirty after a long drive today” etc repeatedly it soon stops being so funny!
  • Mum brought me some granny blankets from the charity shop recently, I cant wait to make our home on wheels homely!

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