Lately #9

Finally my blogging mojo has returned! Lets start by having a little catch up on whats happened so far in December…..

  • At the beginning of the month we visited our friends who moved down to Cornwall earlier this year. We traveled down in the camper van (our longest journey in it so far) and stayed in their lovely new house near the beautiful Bodmin moors. It was lovely to see them so happy and settled in their new home and life in the countryside. They have a woodshed and a Rayburn and everything! I did my usual brilliant bloggers trick of taking my camera with me, but not taking any photos with it. I did however, take a few fuzzy Instagram snaps on the long, boring, snorefest of a journey down there (7+ hours – why is Cornwall so far from Kent?)


  • I took part in Janet’s Christmas Thrifty Gift Swap. I received my mystery parcel from Thomas and loved everything he sent me! I managed to ruin my (non existent) street cred by mistaking Daft Punk lyrics for Take That. Nope, I don’t know how I managed to get the two bands/lyrics confused either! I sent my parcel to Em, and she blogged about it here.
  • At this time of year, it seems that almost every blogger out there is sharing photos of their Xmas crafting projects, trees and decorations. I intend to do the same, but I am a bit behind. Below is a picture of my Xmas decorations.

xmas so far

  • Not quite the blogtastic photogenic set up I had in mind, but its a start, eh! At least they are out of the loft. Last year we did not bother to put them up. Or the year before… Or the year before that. I wrote my excuses for being a right Grinch in this post here. But yeah, nothing changes, I am still a bah humbug type.
  • I am now a published food writer! I have a recipe published in Take a Break’s My Favourite recipes. You know, that high brow, esteemed, foodie type publication on par with the Observer Food Monthly!!! They published my non-recipe for jelly mousse and a dodgy mug shot of myself where I look drunk and have my eyes shut! (It was so hard to find a head shot of me, there are literally zero half decent photos of me in existence, I hate having my photo taken!) Rob thinks its hilarious that the first thing I said when I saw myself in the magazine was “they’ve made me look ginger!” For the record my hair colour is dull mousey brown, although I used to be a tad ‘strawberry blond’ when I was a kid! Its because they used too much magenta in the printing process, according to Rob. The looking scruffy part and looking like a complete div is all my own work.
Famous me!
I will try not to let the money and fame go to my head!

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