Lately #1

Lately in bullet points –

  • Rob and I went to our first antiques market today, or rather I made Rob take me to it as I do not drive and I dragged him around it. I did not buy anything apart from an ice cream each and a big bag of pears for a pound!
  • I have a job interview on Tuesday, only my third this year. Its tough out there. Fingers crossed for me, although I am not really bothered about the job, a few extra pennies would be nice.
  • I have started my first experimental no knead bread, currently resting on the worktop over night and to be baked tomorrow. I might be able to cross another item off my to do list soon!
  • Talking of baking, I treated myself to this book with some vouchers from work, and now I just want to throw away donate to charity all my baking books as this one is the bomb. The two things I have made so far have worked out a treat!
  • Talking of books, I am reading this at the moment. I had no intention of reading it. But have been eagerly lent it by a lady at work, so I feel obliged to read it as she is going to want to have a natter about it. Oh dear. Yep it is pretty bad so far, all this my inner goddess and my subconscious rubbish.
  • And where have these been all my life? They are so handy, I cant believe I was too tight to pay out for them for years, they do make life so much easier!
  • I have been over thinking about who to feature in my next Tuesday tune, so probably will not get around to writing one. I cant decide between Tom Vek, Niki and the Dove or The Knife. And cant think of anything interesting to write about any of them other than I like it and here is their wikipedia link. Erm hang on, is’nt that what I do anyway?
  • Update on the camper van – Rob has welded a new panel on to it.
  • Finally, I am glad summer has nearly passed. I am not a fan of the heat and I cant wait to wear a coat and scarves again. True.

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