My Improved Kitchen Cupboards

I will hold my hands up and fully admit that I am a complete and utter saddo because my newly fitted out, much improved, all singing all dancing pantry cupboard (or is it called a larder cupboard? IDK?) and broom cupboard in our kitchen have made me so happy!

I also shouldn’t admit that I have spent far too much time perving over images of organised pantries on Pinterest!

And even worse, I am now the proud owner of a spice rack!

Ah well, too late!

Its a good job that I have no shame! But some of those Pinterest images are to die for. I mean, phroaw! Swit shwoo!

Some girls daydream about finding a handsome man to settle down with who will spoil them rotten with regular bunches of flowers, hotel mini breaks, meals in fancy restaurants and boxes of Milk Tray.

Nah. Not me.

I just want a man who puts the time and effort into building me the pantry of my dreams, so that I can organise the shit out of it and hoard half a supermarkets worth of tinned food inside it! That’s my idea of a romantic gesture!

Just look at these bad boys. Aren’t they amazing? Rob has improved them so much. I am never going to move house again because I never want to leave these cupboards behind!!!

Here are the before photos –

broom cupboard before
The boiler cupboard pictured back in May or June when we first moved in.
pantry before
And the other kitchen cupboard that originally housed the warm air heating system, that the house was built with, before it was ripped out and changed to gas central heating and radiators.

We swapped the use of the cupboards over. It makes better sense to store food and perishables in the other cupboard rather than next to a warm boiler. I am a bit funny about things like that, because in our old Chatham house, some of our kitchen cupboards that were hung on an outside wall had a touch of damp in them, and I kept finding green fur on things like my Paxo and pasta! Nice!

Rob made all the shelves from MDF and we used cheap basic shelf brackets and fixings to hang them. We then covered the pantry shelves in some of this stuff from Wilko so that they are easy to wipe clean, and I also brought a £2 shelf divider for my tinned food and some cheap pull out storage baskets for my potatoes and onions from there.

I found the spice racks cheap on Ebay, and I cannot tell you how much I love having a spice rack! I must be old before my time (or rather I am now officially sad and old – as I am practically a middle aged woman after all!) because I feel that my life has improved so much since I have got a spice rack! Its just so handy!!!

Here are some photos of the work being out –

Underneath about five layers of lino Rob found these floor tiles in the boiler cupboard. I am guessing that they are the original 60’s/70’s flooring?
He removed the shelves in the boiler cupboard, gave it a lick of paint and then planned how to make the most of the space with some clever hooks and shelving.
Before painting and shelving the other cupboard Rob lined it with MDF. He is such a good boy! ….And a perfectionist!
Nearly there, it just needs organising.
Look at all that space!

Once again I do apologise for the quality of these photos. I promise that I will use the DSLR for my future fully finished kitchen reveal post! Here are the after photos below –

boiler cupboard
The new and improved boiler/broom cupboard. And yes, as you can see, we have gone over to the dark side with our paint colour choice for the walls! #noregrets!
My pantry in the other cupboard!!!
A close up shot of all the crap I have stashed in there. Plus Rob even put a battery operated sensor light in there for me!

2 thoughts on “My Improved Kitchen Cupboards

  1. How did I miss this?? Love your larder cupboard! Have you ever seen the Mormon pantries with their years worth of food storage? It’s a secret fantasy of mine =)
    Some of your pinned ideas are great – love this one
    I have a huge, wooden wall-mounted spice rack; my dad made it when I was a kid & I inherited it when my folks emigrated. So if you’re an old lady then I’ve been one since I was about 24 lol

    Love the dark grey – we went a similar colour in the bedroom & we’re going dark now in the living room too. Eeep! Taking a chance and sure if it’s awful we can repaint.

    1. I googled the Mormon pantries – OMG!! That’s my pantry fantasy too!!! I don’t know why, but I just love stocking up on things! I want to joint Costco or Bookers (UK membership wholesalers) so that I can buy five years worth of cheap bog roll and kitchen roll in one go and have piles of them everywhere because I cannot fit them all in our cupboards!

      I have since brought more tins of tomatoes since these pics were taken and filled the larder up some more. I must try harder to stop hoarding so much! But in my defence they were on special offer and have a long shelf life!

      I love spice racks, who cares if we are old ladies! Rob offered to build me something like the Pin in the link, but for cost and quickness it was easier to buy some ready made ones. It also proved that I had loads of duplicates of the same spices stashed in my cupboards when I filled it up. Oops!

      Thanks, we are please with the colour. Its made the room look bigger somehow. Good luck with your lounge, Im sure it will look great x

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