My Kent Bucket List

Its official – my time living in Kent is nearly over! We have now found a house and hopefully will be moving in a few months, fingers crossed!

If anyone new is reading my blog right now (anyone???…*tumbleweeds*) – my parents and sister are relocating to the Isle of Wight, and Rob and I are hoping to move to a different part of the country soon. (I promise that I will reveal where we are moving to in an upcoming post. I just don’t want count my chickens before they hatch etc! Not that anyone is sitting on the edge of their seats dying to know, but hey ho!!)

So while I am not exactly sad to leave, I am a sentimental person. (Although I am trying to stop that, because sentimentality stops you from letting go and doing new things!) Kent is not a bad place to live and it has a lot to offer. I have made the most of living here for 35 years and have seen and done plenty. There will be places that I miss, but I have the memories. For instance, I will miss parts of the coastline as I have good memories of staying with my grandparents who lived in the Thanet area when I was a kid, and I enjoy seaside day trips with Rob and my family. But my grandparents are gone, and soon my family will no longer be in Kent. So its time to make some new memories in different parts of the country.

I am a going to write a list of things that I want to do in the county before I leave. Some will be silly, sentimental stuff, some will be things that I have never done before, some will be very geeky and most will be very mundane and boring.

To be honest, I will probably never get round to doing them because of a lack of free time due to working and packing and lack of funds etc. But if I write them down here it might encourage Rob to take me out for an afternoon and then we can go for a nice drive in the camper!

Visit the coast – I am not too worried about going to Whistable before I leave (done it to death), but going back to Westgate where my grandparents lived in the 80’s is a must.

Beach huts at Westgate

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Go to the American diner in Sevenoaks – We know a lot of VW owners and there has been talk for years of the VW crowd organising a convoy down there to one of the classic car events that they hold. I would also like to do this because I will get to eat a great big greasy fat chicken or veggie burger (I will travel miles for a good burger!) If we cannot organise this in time with our VW friends, then I would like to go with my nephews. Its right up their street. And mine TBH, because I am a big kid when it comes to American diners!

Go to New Ash Green and take some photos of the Span housing – Because I am a big geek when it comes to mid century architecture. And you never know, I might even be able to squeeze a blog post out of the trip!

Visit Rochester – Its been a while. In fact, in the 6 years since we moved from Chatham to Maidstone, I have only been back there once! Because it is such a s**thole, after we moved I said that I never want to go back to the Medway area ever again! But Rochester is nice, and it has improved since we moved (which was in the middle of the recession). The town has a bit of history, nice coffee shops and a good second hand bookshop, so its worth me taking a bus trip over there on a day off. Plus, I want to wander around Chatham high street to remind myself exactly why we are moving!! And it would be nice to have a nosey at my old house before I leave. What can I say, I am a sentimental old so and so!

Rochester on a sunny winter Sunday

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Visit Canterbury – Again, its been years since I last visited.

Climb up the North downs to Thurnham Castle – We love this walk/climb. But its been off the agenda over winter because of the mud. I am not afraid of a muddy walk, but mud and steep, steep hills are not a good mix. Think Glastonbury crossed with Mount Everest. I feared for my life the last time we did this walk!

Visit Rye – Because its nice. And again, its been a while……I really don’t get out much do I?

5 thoughts on “My Kent Bucket List

  1. This is such exciting news! I want to know all about it (like what’s happening with your jobs? and where on earth are you going to?!), although I’m sure you will tell us in good course. I like your list of things to do before you leave – Rye is so lovely, I want to go back sometime. And going to Chatham to remind yourself why you’re leaving made me laugh! I think I’ll do the same thing in the shitty bit of Leicester when (if) we ever escape.

    1. I just have to step out my front door and I am reminded why I want to go! Nah, its not bad where I live! I like it here! (Just in case our buyers are reading this!!!)

      I don’t think I will be ticking anything off this list now because the Sat+Sun girl at work has been a non-show for the last two weeks so I am probably going to have to go back to working both days at the weekend again now. Gahhhhh!

      As for work – Rob is self employed and can work from anywhere and I will be handing in my notice (thank fuck) and will hopefully find a new job in the new area pretty swiftly! Its a bit of a gamble, but I am not too worried about finding work, because I have done it before (when I was forced to leave my long term job) and I can do it again. Basically I will take any old shit job as long as it pays (and it will never be as bad as that one!!)

      Do you want to escape then? I thought you liked where you live? x x

      1. P.S I really want to talk about where we are going, but until we sign on the dotted line I would rather not say just yet. Im being really superstitious about it, but I know my luck and my history of things going wrong, especially with house moves!!! x

        1. Ah lucky Rob to be able to work from anywhere. Good luck with it all, will keep everything crossed!

          I love our house but the area… not so much. And Leicester… not so much! There are really nice bits of the city, but we don’t live in any of them, and honestly after almost 20 years (what?!) living here I am bored and more than ready for a new place. But we’ll see – my new job is obviously here and T has just got a year’s contract just up the road in Loughborough, so we’ll be here for the forseeable.

          1. Thanks for the good wishes!

            I know all too well that feeling of being bored and ready for a new place! The timing is right for us to move now – we are both in the right frame of mind for it, my family are no longer keeping me living here and our friends are busy with their own lives these days…and the list goes on!

            Its a shame that we never quite finished decorating the house, but we are going to take the money from it and run!

            Who knows, in a year or two the timing might be right for you and Thomas to move as well. x

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