My Old Kitchen

As promised I have gone through my iPhoto archives and rounded up the best snap’s I could find of the kitchen in our last house.

Disclaimer – I am embarrassed to see that in most of the photos there are huge piles of washing up waiting to be done, and loads of beer cans and bottles waiting to be rinsed before recycling. Whoops!

The before – I have previously mentioned that in my last house I played it “safe” with my colour choices, and now in my current house I am not so afraid of bold colours.

Well take a look at the kitchen that we got when we moved into our last place. Tangerine dream? I don’t think so more like a clockwork orange nightmare!

I think this room psychologically scarred me and made me afraid of bright colours for a long, long time. It is enough to make anyone want to paint their whole house magnolia!

2 x cookers. Scary gas one and my "new" one waiting to be connected.
The other end. Obs not styled for blogging purposes. If I knew I would have moved the step ladder - honest!

The in-between – This kitchen took about a month to fit all by ourselves. Rob is a whizz at DIY! It did take him 2 weeks to plumb in the sink though. Washing up in the bath is not fun I can tell you. But this seems a doodle in comparision to how difficult it has been fitting our current kitchen.

A work in progress.

The after – Basically this was my dream kitchen. It was so nice to cook in, and it was so hard to leave behind for a smaller kitchen in our current house when we moved (sob!).

Finished. Sigh old kitchen, how I miss you.
My choice of colour scheme won. Rob wanted red tiles.
Rob bought me some flowers. I did not do the washing up. Again. Plus spot the old kitchen waiting for its final journey to the tip.
Another pic, sorry indulge me here.
And finally the estate agents photo, i.e the only pic I have with no washing up in it!


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