One Last Post About Our Last House

Just for my own records so that I can look back at things on here, I want to share the estate agents images of our last house.

Its always interesting to see pictures of your house taken from another persons perspective. The agent that we used to sell our old house did not send a ‘professional’ photographer round (like some of the other agents used as a selling point for their services!) We used one of the cheaper online estate agents and the local expert did a decent enough job with her little compact camera.
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4 thoughts on “One Last Post About Our Last House

  1. <3 the astro coffee table!
    A couple of years ago my family went together on a mobile home (what my husband calls a static caravan) and it had one of those tables. My sister brought down her old Ikea coffee table and SMASHED UP the G Plan.
    I still haven't quite forgiven her..!

    1. OMG I had to re-read that to double check what I thought you said! Noooooo! Not a beautiful Astro table gone to the great furniture graveyard in the sky!

      Ah well, at least you are still talking to her! You are a better person than me LOL!

      We sold our table (for the same amount I paid for it) when we moved here, it just seemed to take up half the space in our new lounge. I was sad to let it go, but it just was too big. At least I had 5-6 years of admiring it!

      Have you seen the G plan spider coffee tables? I would love to own one of those, but I think they are quite hard to find and sell for silly money. And then there is the age old problem of where to put it!!! A girl can dream, eh! x

      1. Yes they’re lovely aren’t they. Much better sized for those of use with normal sized homes. I don’t actually have midcentury furniture in my home, I need more rooms!! My older furniture comes from the 40s and is inherited from my grandparents.

        I did get a little satisfaction from pointing out to my sister that the table she has smashed was worth €€ and she has made a terrible mistake. We may have different tastes in interiors but money is money!

        1. Yeah, I thought of the ££££’s too! They go for silly money on Ebay! My astro was only £35 as it had been repaired and didn’t have the original glass. I still loved it though! I sold it to a nice lady (for £40) who travelled all the way from Exeter to collect it and she was pleased with it. At least it has gone to a good home!

          My sis has very different taste to me too. She likes her shabby chic and bling!

          I have such a long list of furniture that I would love to own. I need some more rooms too! Although think of all the extra dusting. Maybe not then! x

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