Our Bedroom Part 1 – Before

Today I am finally ready to start sharing the transformation of our bedroom. We started this project back at the beginning of 2013. In fact I blogged about our plans here and here. Then I hardly mentioned the bedroom again, except to acknowledge that it would take me a while to blog my before and after post!

True to my word as always, now that we have finished the last few little details, like wiring in a plug and hanging the artwork, I am finally ready to blog about this room.

As you may have already noticed, I do tend to overshare when it comes to stuff about our house, so to keep thing relatively short and (semi) interesting, I am going to publish three posts – a before, a during and an after.

Right, lets get started and share some photos, and I will walk and talk you through the before state of the room!

bedroom b4 1Where do I start with this photo? We had a messy, unorganised book shelf that did not match the rest of the furniture, a pugly waste bin in full view in the corner (surely that is bad feng shui or something?), some pictures just hung on random nails that were sticking out of the walls, unmade bed with a pile of rubbish on it, nik-naks unarranged, tester paint patches and a mug which needed taking downstairs to the kitchen!bed 3When we first moved into our house, this room did not have any curtains. Just a broken curtain pole left behind on the floor (Nice touch. Thanks for that former owners!) So off we went to Dunelm where I selected some plain white curtains, as I wanted nice simple curtains that would not dominate the room.

After we fitted a new pole and hung them, which in itself was a job and a half being a bay window with zero space between the top of the windows and the ceiling, within days the cat had ruined them with her claws as she was bored stupid with not being allowed to go outside for 6 weeks. The little moo!

They were blackout curtains, and did a decent job of keeping the light pollution out. Thats apart from the many little pin prick holes that her claws had left behind! Poppy’s claws created a constellation type of effect which was kind of cute. Except when you wanted to sleep. And yes, white was a bad choice of colour, they did get a little grubby. Hindsight, eh!bed 2

Above – A dark photo of our unmade old bed, piles of junk on the floor and a broken stereo.

bed4Above – Robs arm reflected in the mirror and a pile of cushions and our draft excluder from the lounge on the bed. BTW I have no idea why they are in this photo. Maybe it was taken when we were having carpet fitted in the lounge?

We inherited the magnolia walls, which we eagerly painted samples on when we first moved in. We then lived with the reminders of my dashed hopes/bad decisions on the walls for around two years, until the time was right to decorate. Its amazing the difference between the colour on the chart and the colour that goes on your wall, paint drys so dark!

bed 5Above is our main peeve about the old bedroom – the mirrored wardrobes. I hate seeing my refection, I dodge mirrors like I dodge cameras. These things were enormous, but I managed to get used to avoiding my reflections eye. They were at the top of our hit list of things to go as they were rusty, falling to bits and not to our style.bed 6Right, thats the full 360° of the old bedroom in all its glory! I cannot believe how messy we used to be,I have got a stress headache just looking back at these photos!

In the photo above you can almost see the cracks on the ceiling and how bad the plastering was. When we viewed our property, I remember the previous owner proudly telling us that he had stripped off all the woodchip wallpaper from the walls. Lets just say that he stripped most of it off! There were a few missed patches and lots of nicks in the plaster work from his scraper. He then painted the room with a satin finish paint which really highlighted all the imperfections. See above the radiator for reference. We knew that when we came to decorating this room we would have to cough up the extra cash to get a professional plasterer around to repair the damage.

Next, we moved our bed into the second bedroom (which is Robs office where he works from home) and set about demolishing the wardrobes. Stay tuned for part two!

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