Cooking Baby Number 2 Update

I realised the other day that I haven’t really wrote anything about my thoughts and feelings with kid#2 on here. So its time to remedy that in bullet points!

  • I currently have six weeks left to go (due 23/08/18).
  • Before you ask, I am just about coping in the heat! I hate the heat and humidity anyway, and its no fun with an extra stone in weight and built in hot water bottle. But Im staying indoors as much as possible (which is a bit frustrating and boring), drinking loads (and peeing loads) and taking things easy. But can it cool down already?!?!!
  • It is true that every pregnancy is different. This time I was throwing up every day and feeling sick all the time until 20 weeks (as I felt sick all the way through with Dylan, but threw up less). I still occasionally spew and have a very weak stomach, but I feel OK. Unfortunatley for Rob I am starting to feel very grumpy and tired now, which I didn’t get with Dylan (maybe its the weathers fault?)
  • I am also bigger with this pregnancy.
  • I am also under consultant care for this pregnancy (thank you NHS. Forever grateful) because Dylan was a small full term baby born late weighing 2.7kg/5.15lb’s so they are keeping an extra eye on me just to make sure that this one is growing OK.
  • So I am having extra scans, and so far this babe is turning out bang on average on the growth charts. Which means he will be roughly 3.5kg/7.7lb’s at 40 weeks. He is also currently not in a great position having been breech or transverse for the last six weeks. So in the next few weeks I will find out what the plan of action is, whether they try and turn him head down or if I will need a C-section. As long as he arrives safely, I don’t care what happens.
  • I finish work this weekend. Hurrah! Nine paid months off!!!
  • Nope, we are not organised and ready for this babe yet. We like to leave things to the last minute! All I have bought is this cute little romper suit below.
  • We need to order the bed (we are going to rent a bedside crib again) and sort what bits from Dylan I have kept up in the loft. I gave a lot of stuff to the charity shop and to a friend as I didn’t think I would have another kid (‘cos Im too old etc). And I have the feeling its all winter newborn sized stuff up there, so yet more stuff will be given away!
  • I do however have a posh, brand new double pram in the understairs cupboard. We had to buy it fairly early as it was on special offer in June (saving over £300! I couldn’t find a decent secondhand pram locally, and this was almost the same price what some peeps were selling used for!) I spent a lot of time researching double prams, or rather panicking about how I can leave the house with two under two. I didn’t get a tamden buggy in the end, I got a side by side one, so who knows how the hell I will get on the bus? With Dylan in the stroller and kid#2 in the sling maybe? Eek!
  • People I know in the village are starting to ask me how I will cope with two! TBH I haven’t really thought about it. You just get on with things really, don’t you? Who knows how we will cope? It will be hard, Im sure. But through it all we have to remember how lucky we are.
  • Some questions I have also been asked a lot –
    Q Was it planned? A Yes and no. We kind of thought that it would be nice to have another, but didn’t hold too much hope (‘cos we are old etc).
    Q Did you want them close together? A See above. If I had a choice on these things a 2.5 – 3 year age gap would be my ideal. But I hope that being close in age means that they will get along well, although there is no guarantee!
    Q Did you want a girl? A I honestly didn’t mind what sex the baby was, as you get what your given, don’t you! I find it funny that its all boys in my family (my skin and blister has three boys, so this is my parents fifth grandson. A five a side team!) and on Rob’s side its all girls! Seriously, Rob and Dylan are (so far) the only boys born into his family for four decades! His mum is so used to having girls with his sister, nieces, cousins, second cousins, second nieces and step nieces etc that she has accidentally called Dylan her “little Princess” and a “little madam”!!! Its taken them a while to get used to a small, nutty, toddler boy!
    Q What does Dylan think about having a little brother? A I find this question the hardest to answer. At almost 19 months Dylan still does not have a great grasp on language. He kind of understands what we say, but he doesn’t understand the concept of little brothers or babies. So we haven’t really told him. I think it will be a bit of a shock to the system to toddler D! Lets hope that takes it all in his stride and doesn’t act up!

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