Recent Favourites #1

Because sharing is caring!

Who knows, I might even make this a semi-regular feature on here?

Favourite new blog findThe Only Place. Lots of camping trips and beautiful photos on this blog. Right up my street then.

Favourite funniest new blog findLove is a 4 Letter Turd. Makes me wish I that was younger and still enjoying my partying days yet at the same time glad that I am older and that my partying days are behind me!

Favourite food blogBudget Bytes. I keep pinning loads of recipes to try from this site. Lots of cheap and easy recipes. Right up my street then, again!

Favourite food right now – Alternative brownies. No not those* type of brownies! I am all about the gluten-free/flourless/paleo/sugar-free/dairy-free/vegan type of brownie that Pinterest and Mom bloggers adore. And if they contain some courgette, black beans, greek yogurt, apple sauce, almond butter, coconut oil, bananas, avocado or all of the above, then all the better for it! I am enjoying baking a few new recipes right now. And I can kid myself that these brownies are healthy(ish) right?

Favourite random blog postThis one that I read on a link from Elise and Life. I nodded my head to every single thing on the list. I often think that my life is dull (don’t we all? Im fine with my life though, I don’t like too much drama and excitement!) and is it worth blogging about? After all, I resorted to writing about random road kill in my last post. I was really scrapping the barrel there with what to blog about! I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I have reached a new low point in blogging! Go me!

Favourite random new word – Patina. I just love the sound of it. And yes, I have only recently learnt what it means! I am trying to drop this word into as many conversations as I can right now. Unfortunately, I don’t tend to talk about church roofs that much. Damn.

Favourite random fact – Did you know that feral cats hardly ever meow, and that domestic cats have developed a way of communicating with their owners? (See point 4) Who knows, maybe one day they will evolve to learn a few words? Our cat Poppy never shuts up, and sounds like she is meowing “hello” whenever she walks into a room that we are in! I must try to film her doing so.

Favourite cat video at the moment – Because see above. ↑

*Rhymes with mash!