Slow Cooking Sunday – Cajan Stew

Its a cajun dance party – not yuck! It also turns out that I don’t listen to my own advice! I said yesterday that its probably best to follow a tried and tested recipe rather than improvising when it comes to using a slow cooker.

Today I Ignored that and just made it up as I was going along! I decided I would like to make a cajun type stew/jambalaya type thing. So I gathered what ingredients I could find together and bunged them all into my slow cooker and hoped for the best. It turned out alright! So I can hold my head high and share the recipe here with you.

Slow Cooker Cajun Stew

serves 4

• One smoked sausage
• One onion
• One tin of sweetcorn
• One tin of tomatoes
• 2 tsp Cajun spice mix and any other spices or herbs you fancy. I added a little dried thyme & oregano (not pictured) and a few turns of this chili and garlic grinder I picked up in Poundland.
• Some chicken stock (not pictured). I did not use a measuring jug, but I’d hazard a guess and say I added about half a cup. Go easy on liquids with slow cookers, they are not your friend. Nothing will thicken up in them, and you don’t want dinner to be too watery.
• About a quarter of a bag of frozen sliced peppers (not pictured).

Chop sausage and onion. Open cans, add it all to your slow cooker bowl with the spices. Mix it. Switch on and cook. Easy!
I cooked mine on high for around three and a half hours, but on the slow setting I guess it would take around 7 hours.
The beauty of this meal is that there is no raw meat, the sausage is already cooked. So its only the onion that needs to be cooked. It is just a case of letting all the flavours meld together.
When you have judged your onion to be cooked, serve it with rice. I served mine with some quinoa (ooh get me! Yep I read far too many food blogs!) as I have a shed load of it about to go off soon.

Top tip – slow cookers are great for when your other half goes out and does not tell you what time they will be home. You can just keep dinner cooking until they finally show their sorry ass, and it wont be overcooked. (Unless they are really, really late. Then you throw dinner in the bin.)

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