Slow Cooking Sunday – Falafel

Wow its been a while since I published a Slow Cooking Sunday post on here!

My reason is – I just kind of got bored of slow cooker meals, because they all kind of taste the same and are all kind of on the runny side.

While we are on the subject of samey meals, check out my pinterest account if you please (I deleted my old account, then recently decided to rejoin it). I basically pinned a board of the same recipe over and over again, containing chicken thighs, soy sauce and sugar. Which is also not very healthy. You can follow me if you fancy it!

Last Thursday I was in the mood for falafel, and I had been wanting to try out this recipe I saw on the Crockpot lady’s blog for a long time. I just wanted to see for myself if it would work. Its one of those things you don’t really believe can happen until you see it with your own eyes. Can the appliance famous for making watery, sloppy stews really produce crunchy falafel balls?

The answer is yes it can. I don’t know how, as it was really steamy in there. But it did. I cant explain the science behind it, but my guess is that I turned my slow cooker into one of those healthy fryer gadget things………that took four hours to cook falafel……….hmm, maybe not!

Well anyway, they were delicious. I used this recipe from here, but using chickpea flour and some frozen coriander (all I had to hand, my local Morrisons let me down it had no fresh parsley!) and garlic powder instead of a clove of the fresh stuff.

I forgot to take a picture of my ingredients, and I am afraid you will have to take my word for it that these were yummy. You know how with some food blogs the photo’s have you salivating? It’s called food porn. My photo’s below are the opposite. More food mourn if you will!

The balls pre cooking.ballsThe balls after cooking. I left them for four hours on high, they were slightly dry, I recommend doing them for less time and don’t do what I did (that’s go out), keep an eye on them.nibbled ballsIts weird. My slow cooker seems to have a cooking blind spot as one of the falafel balls was not done on the bottom. Strange.
odd ballFalafel pitta. Yummy! They would have been amazing with some cucumber yogurt dressing. I just could not be bothered to make any.


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